• Good Ash

    For anyone show does not get it, this is a cosplay (probably happening in Japan but maybe elsewhere). The guy in the foreground is dressed as a cross between Ronald MacDonald and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII. The guy in the middleground is dressed as a cross between Colonel Sanders and Cloud Strife from the same game (actually this costume is more like Cloud's outfit from the Final Fantasy Advent Children movie). Now that you know — GO WRITE SOME FUNNIER CAPTIONS!

    • Jason

      Franchise wars in Japan took a turn for the worst.
      Mcdonalds and KFC fight for market share in Japan

  • tizzle45

    Our Master Obesity has commanded we join forces and destroy the earth's population using heart attacks and diabetes

  • Mo Swift Than Mimi

    Must everything be settled with a sword fight in Japan?

  • mila**

    RM:its finger licking good. CS: now thats what i call a happy meal

  • Ned Shidoinks

    And not a single cluck was given that day…..

  • Victor Morgan

    I Ronald McDonald long lost twin brother

  • Brandon Green

    He attacks with obesity epidemic. It's super-effective!

  • james

    Sho, ree meet agairn!

  • Dude

    Final Fantasy 7 just got delicious.

  • Bret Van Arsdale

    Your hand was finger likin good Colonel Sanders, I ate it with a side order of fries! AH Soooo! you Mac Munchin red headed Piece of Sheet! you will Never get My secret recipe of Herbs and Spices ! Never!

  • Enchalada

    I don’t scare easily colonel, I have nuggets and you don’t. . .

  • Jacob Leavitt

    "You seek my council. For is that is why you have come, is it not, my old friend?"

  • Brian


  • dibshit

    we cant go to mordor with out that fucking chalupa dog!!

  • Dragor92

    Ronald: Hello major sanders, its been a while
    Sanders: its colonel now

  • tmach81

    Her-row, Cor-nor Sanders We meet again. This Time without your precious Burger King.

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