CHIVE, meet fit girl Jamie Eason (26 photos)

  • BaseballRube

    #19 She would look good in 3D. Hey, 3D, that's my apartment number.




    • Danno

      I've worked many bodybuilding/fitness expos with Jamie. Trust me boys, she's smokin hot AND one of the most down to earth people you could ever meet. All the things I look for in a Chivette…

    • Malecema

      On a scale of 1 to 10 she's a couple 13, 14…

  • Joe

    Would I…Hell YeS!

  • Matt_tatt

    Danm! milf for sure!

    • Simon Phoenix

      she has a kid? NO WAY ..

      MILF-a-licious in deed!

  • Do0zer

    VERY pretty eyes! #4

  • USAF

    I like a girl who isn't afraid to get on her knees

    • schmeillsson

      she isn't on her knees

      • ben

        There is dirt on her knees, which the gentleman is using to infer that she was recently on them.

        • Simon Phoenix

          Thank You ! was going to say something similar that myself.. BUT MUCH RUDER!

          • Guesty

            I love it when you get rude, Simon. Turns me on so much!

    • Vet

      Crude bastard…

  • Rusty

    …less hot version of the milf from the oceans thirteen? oh the nose plays…

  • Holy Hell

    She has beautiful eyes as well.
    Nice, just very nice.

  • Dr. Hfuhruhurr

    Fit? She'll fit, right on my schvantengruben ha HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Da_Boz

    You can kick my ass anytime!

  • a_schoenoprasum

    #21 that is one heckuva 'v'

    love the v chive moar! moar!

    • anonchive

      By far the best look for her body (in my humble opinion, before I get shot down!) And she has gorgeous eyes!

  • TWON925

    this is my motivation to go to the gym. #19

  • JROC

    #16 rockin body and a great smile

    • Bdrizzle

      Why are girls so about wearing these giant glasses? I'm indifferent about it I just wanna know their thought process behind it.

  • MrMav

    would LOVE to see her ass in them yoga pants #17

    • MrMav

      Oooops!! #18 it is. #17 is still WELL nice tho

    • riverdog

      chive, where was hump day one where she's standing next to a saddle? my personal favorite …

  • Adam

    She looks… bumpy.

    • jon

      agreed, whats hot abt a ripped dude with tight boobs and a muscle body.. not for me i lke softer women

      • Killinem

        Agreed skin is nasty on fit chicks cant stand it

  • MissChris

    Wow, very sexy! She even pulls off the short hair. And even if she didn't, I wouldn't dare tell her so!

  • Green

    These are not event he best pictures of Jamie out there. She has some killer sexy shots that didn't make this pictorial.

  • Brian


    Damn! Looks like super girl minus the cape.

  • Jak

    I'm a little turned on and scared all at the same time. She can bench-press me anytime!

  • gromtown

    dont care if she could beat me up…

  • Drew_BfloTrace

    Very hot woman….I should be so lucky.

  • jrey81

    #2, #3, #24, aaaawwwl day.

  • not working

    #26 what the fuck? This is stupid. Every second. Of every day. For the rest of your life?

    Thats fucking retarded. I hope someone else came up with that for her… otherwise Jamie is just another stupid blond.. with a great body.

    • Stan_Dalone

      that's why you sit at your desk fat and lame you go home sit on your lame as couch and watch your lame ass TV programs and complain about being fat

      • Fido

        I hear you man. All you need is some commitment and fine targets what you want to be like.
        After that, its all about you.

    • dirtysteve99

      As fitness slogans go, it's not great. You don't need to work every second of every day to stay in shape, that's just mental.

      • Stan_Dalone

        she is reffering to it as a life style, you are thinking and living it all the time, that said no you don't excersize every minute of everyday, but you do eat right sleep right and read on it live it. For her it's a life style not a hobby

        • not working

          your explanation is good, thanks. Makes this slogan much better

    • Boooger

      Its not only about the lifting weights, its about the diet too. Every second of every day means always staying committed. If you work out all day, then go home and eat donuts for 5 minutes, those 5 minutes are part of every second of every day that just blew everything.

      • moagw

        couldn't thumb you up 2x's..

      • Smuggler

        But Boooger, she's eating donuts. #11

    • Jason

      ooooohhh. I thought 'get it' was 'gettin' it'… damn. I wanted it.


    I wanna be on you…

    • jordan

      i'm pretty sure u meant in instead of on

  • ass

    i'm out

  • Bogus_Shizzall

    #8 Impressive, and wow she isn't extra crispy like a lot of the other girls that go down that road – bonus points.

    • Htisss

      Agreed. Very pretty and strong. Not mutually exclusive.

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