CHIVE, meet fit girl Jamie Eason (26 photos)

  • Aussie

    Amazing what deca and dbol can do to chicks… The jaw tells her story

    • Boomkid

      Deca and dbol don’t give u that jaw line. Look at her before she had it there. Shes def on something prob anavar.

  • Gnome

    Jamie is beyond gorgeous, beyond stunning. I've seen her photos on this site, of course, and always wondered who it was.

    Can you imagine trying to think of anything but her with her in the room? She'd be in vivid color, and everyone else would be faded gray.

  • Jaimegetonme

    Hopefully the fit girls are back on chive for good now.

  • Timmah

    Yukk! Women are supposed to be soft, not hard.

  • wztarheel

    #21 Absolutely.

  • EdwardNigma

    So she’s basically PowerGirl.

  • bowser

    lovely and at the same time amazing looking body

  • MikeyTheFinger

    #7, hotter on the left…

  • Monica White

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  • frozenbubble

    nice face, rest not really my cup of tea

  • ThumbsUp

    I just wanna say that I approve 🙂

  • Alex Clarke

    My dream girl found..

  • Sexxy an fit

    This lady is beautiful, I love fit women they have so much more drive than All those soft girls out there.

  • Eddy

    she's fat

  • Always Last


  • kelso909

    very nice, how much?

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