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  • Stan_Dalone

    #14 that's an old louisville line Ford #19 awesome photo Nothing better then stooping to payatentioon to a child #35 just speaks to me of the human part of a soldier. God Bless you Sir. Thanks to all the service men and women for the courage and scarifice for our freedom

  • Kodos

    "True strength lies in gentleness." – old Irish saying

  • Franklin1138

    I've always thought those ski-jump carriers the Brits have are interesting (#21). In fact I have a kids book about carriers that I've had since I was a kid, and according to it they're angled like that to help the Harriers take off when they're not using the vertical jets.

    Also, it looks as though the Marine in #18 is named "Crunk." I say we need to get MOAR Crunk.

    • Nick25

      hey Franklin it is really to aid in take off when they are fully loaded. I read this somewhere. course I forget where.

      • Franklin1138

        You're totally right, since the Harriers are attack/CAS aircraft. I was just too lazy to get up and get the book to give the right answer. 🙂

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