Repurposed junk makes for some pretty cool furniture (21 photos)

  • trace

    nah, fuck that

  • Shawn

    Wouldn't sit in most of them, like #4 looks so uncomfortable!

    • Greg Lee

      but….its cool

    • Dr_StrangePants

      I've never realized how big those pedestrian signs are…..wait

    • Shannon

      But it has a built in butt warmer…

  • echogeo

    Besides how quickly the novelty will wear out, they look uncomfortable as hell.

    • Stan_Dalone

      junk is junk it won't raise in value, it will just collect dust

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #19 Why wouldn't you empty them first?

    • Brian

      Now, that is just a waste.

    • Meh

      My first thought as well. Now, they are unattainable unless you break the chair.

      • Dave

        In case of fat chick, break chair

      • ThornyDevil

        Could be fake. They use cold tea in films/TV. I doubt they would waste that much money on good liqueur just to make a chair.

    • Ihatesoutherncomfort

      Because it's Southern Comfort

      • BentWrenches

        that stuff is nasty

        • douche

          Sorry ladies, we'll put some sweet wine coolers in the next one for you bitches.

          • BentWrenches

            Have you ever tasted Southern Comfort? Its like Whisky with a shit load of sugar in it f-ing gross. Give me a single malt scotch and a west coast IPA any day!—

            • KLH

              It isn't even made from whisky, probably originally was, but now it's just colored to look like it so they can pretend whisky was used in making it…

  • Stafferty

    #9 I see no way this can go wrong

    • howard

      they are empty dipshit

      • Stafferty

        It is called sarcasm fuck-tard. I'm not on The Chive to be taken seriously.

  • glitched

    #19 is a waste, its not even made out of the bottles, its just a glass chair filled up.

    • pjsupremex

      this just in from cpt. obvious!

  • NebraskaGuy

    #19 In Case of Emergency: BREAK CHAIR!

    • Lukáš Zima

      If the chair was filled with liquor only and it had a little tap on one of the legs, now that would be a party chair. Reserved 2011 – death (2012 probably)

    • jdfish2279

      My thoughts exactly!

  • Brian

    Ouch! I can feel the pinch already. NFW

    • Ridd

      That thing must weigh 500 lbs.

      • YellowRuningGuy

        Now I know what to do with all of those old AOL CD's. 100 hours free plus a new chair.

  • Jason

    I supposed most of it qualifies as 'art', but truth be told, I wouldn't even store it in my garage.

  • texjosh

    Buncha shit…

  • Craigery

    I guess if you like ugly, uncomfortable furniture…

    • cubanitagirl


  • Matt

    this shit looks uncomfortable….if i'm sittin….i better be relaxin'

  • The Guy

    #19 In case of an emergency, break this chair over my back!

  • The Guy

    #15 is Jeanius.

    • mitter78

      …I see what you did there.

    • Dr. Hfuhruhurr

      or pure shit…

  • Betthecubslose

    Burn this post with the bras

  • ChiveNation

    #19 insert straw and you've got a party

  • Stephen

    # 14 would not like to knock into this when its dark.

  • USAF

    #19 is cool only if theres a way to remove them

  • Alex

    14 Looks pretty cool, something I’d own but the chairs and stuff look pretty uncomfortable.

  • yourface


  • Do0zer

    Like putting lipstick on a pig.

  • Mike

    Only hipster fucking assholes would put this shit in their studio apartment (parents basement).

  • Lobbin

    This is the gallery of people with waaaaaaay to much time on their hands..

  • John

    Leo, if that's the kind of thing you like then the world is your oyster, but I wouldn't want any of it.

  • Temperjoke

    Art isn't furniture!

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