Repurposed junk makes for some pretty cool furniture (21 photos)

  • Coldzilla

    #4 Yeah "cool" until it fries your junk o.0

  • jrodazz86

    #19 So, you gonna drink that last chair or…

  • Dave Young

    Not as gay as my twilight pillow

  • @DJCrazyEyes

    #9 Great chair to have in your house for the coming Zombie Apocalypse. All you need is a lamp next to it with a shot gun mounted to it.

  • Broseph Stalin

    Wow ugly AND uncomfortable. Sweet!

    #19 That is the best use of Southern Comfort I've ever seen. Shit is disgusting!

  • ASH

    Chive, for the love of all that is holy, please stop it with these audio ads!!!!

    Yours truly,
    Loyal Chiver

  • JOE


  • Lance

    #19 seems like a real waste

  • Ninja47

    I feel like you'd just roll out of that.

  • SAK

    Rather have the shooters now, and the chair to pass out on later.

  • Hope Solo

    Lady Gaga called…. she said it wasn't important and to get back to her when you can.

  • its_forge

    #1 and #2 are probably not junk but were probably stolen from some business. At an expense to that business of a couple hundred dollars, in the case of the shopping cart.

    • BuddahPhil

      nah the shopping cart dont cost that much the store only pays about 20 bucks for one and the milk crates are around 2 bucks for the biggest.

      • its_forge

        Do you actually *know* this, or are you talking completely out of your ass? And there is not a goddamn way in the world a shopping cart only runs 20 bucks; have you ever actually seen one? They're built like battle tanks, they're practically indestructible – which they have to be in order to make it through a few years of use and abuse in parking lots and so forth.

  • Lou Stools

    Worthless junk made from worthless junk.

  • 4SOC20saint

    wow this all looks completely retarded…even #9, how do you fuck up a chair made of shotgun shells??? it looks so stupid…also #19 isn't furniture; its a tragedy

    • 4SOC20saint

      now if it were a chair that held booze and dispensed it so that you didnt have to get your lazy ass up for another drink that would be fucking sweet

  • Helmet4

    silly furniture you make for yourself in college

  • Bernard Hadaya

    looks cool but is it comfortable 0.o

  • Mike

    #6 I was looking for something to do with all my old AOL CDs…

  • ludača

    what idiot thinks this is cool! bunch of crap

  • Martin


  • WigginsShawna

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    #4: Don't Walk- SIT !!!!!

  • Short Bus All Stars

    #19 … yeah see how long that fuckin thing lasts at my place

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