• Pete_Rock

    Holy cow!

  • Chadilax

    Damn nature, u scary

  • dalexmu

    fucker came out of nowhere

  • NeelsvanPK

    Come to South Africa: Were there is no tarred roads, and antelope-traffic is the main cause of biking casualties. The lion-attacks are not filmed or published, as they tend to be of a more violent nature.

    • Nicnac

      Really? Antelope-traffic is the main cause of biking casualties? Not getting hit by crazy drivers in mini-taxis? Really?

    • Lee

      Oh please you have obviously never been to South Africa!!!

  • the other Jen

    because buck you, thats why.

  • Coldzilla

    Good vid but come on – you list it in yesterdays "Best Links on the Internet" and then feature it today?


  • Paul

    Dam nature, you scary!

  • Bobby

    That's why you don't ride a Scott.

  • Uncle Scotty

    Stupid yuppies.

    I was expecting a lion. Disappointed.

  • Mason

    That’s what you get for riding a bike, it was transportation when you can’t drive, but really it’s not that fun……

  • d@f@dude

    in the NFL thats a 15 yard penalty and a Fine

  • Anonymous

    And now you know why they call our rugby team the The Bokke (Translated: The Bucs)


    Hunting: You're doing it wrong.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=723046805 Travis Pike

    replace the mountain biker with Bryce Lawrence and this vid would be 100x better – Chive On to my fellow South Africans

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=671653032 Calvin Kennedy

      and replace the antelope with an elephant.

  • jimmyjack

    Surprise Buck SEX!!!

  • Chive Y U so SLOW?

    This video was great…………..when I saw it 3 days ago on break.com.

  • Anonymous

    Its called a Rooi Hartebeest. Big boys

  • DeeBee

    And just off camera view is a group of African tribesman aiming their pet antelopes..

  • IronBound19

    Like a Fuckin Boss!!!!

  • drasparagus

    Dammit, Chive….if you post a video, with audio, then is it not obvious that automatically playing an ad with audio simultaneously will piss people off and become its own deterrent? Come on guys, that's amateur….

    Honestly, I've been Chiving for quite some time, admiring what you fellas have made of yourselves, but it's getting weak with the recycled pics peppered throughout the galleries as of late and now with these audio intrusions (while I'm trying to listen to the audio of a video that you posted, mind you!)

    Keep fucking it up and Chive on….

  • jamesjackson4

    I often dream of doing this with my truck.

  • Africa

    missed the Antelope crossing sign

  • thetech2

    I'm wondering why the or what the antelope was running from or if it was challenging the sucka to a fight to prove his manliness to run the herd or was it trying to keep from being a lions lunch I'm not too sure I would be hanging around after it took off like that ,but looking at iot in slomo it looked too intentional I think someone paid the antelope to take him out

  • Short Bus All Stars

    Ah… the famous James Harrison Antelope of South Africa

  • Newsie

    Haha, just saw this on ABC World News! Diane Sawyer said it was an Antelope and apparently they have an excellent sense of smell and hearing but can't see very well (ya think?).

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