Aaron Rodgers, photobomber (19 Photos)

  • coffee

    The first few pics were funny but it got boring fast

  • Polonuts

    I couldn't be mad when the Packers beat my Steelers in the Super Bowl. Couldn't have lost to a better quarterback and a better guy in general. Nice to see the man get out from under the Favre shadow and prove that he is indeed one of the best QBs in the NFL.

  • Cindy

    Dear aaron – you sir are a jackass. I fart in your general direction. GO BEARS!!!!!!!

    • Eljefe2g

      To all you anti-GreenBay fans who have no respect, i say you can all go and support your team, cause they’ ll need it once Greenbay is done with them…

      Chive!!!!! How i can get a shirt???? Im a guy but ill still show my ass for the hump day!!! Lol…

    • Go Pack

      Hey ass hat. When Lovie Smith became the coach of the Bears he said his one goal was to beat Green Bay. How does it feel to have Rodgers and the Pack walk all over you every year? Maybe Lovie should spend less time talking and more time teaching his O-Line to block. We got a ring by rolling through your house and shitting on your face. Go eat a fat one. GO PACK GO

  • William Clay Ford

    Won't be so funny after the Lions front four knock him out for the year. Also looks like Ellen Degeneres.

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    […] – Aaron Rodgers: Photobomber. [theCHIVE] […]

  • Nickincollege

    It's funny because at first you're just thinking "oh this just looks coincidental". But as you scroll down the page you notice he's in every single photo, he's just discrete.

  • WakeSurfer

    Chive, did we forget quite possibly his greatest?


  • Master_Rahl

    Gotta love a talented QB who has a sense of humor. Don't know where it is, but there's a hilarious article/interview where Rodgers goes on about the power of a handlebar mustache. Very funny guy… but he's not my QB. Go Pats!

  • Guesty

    ToThe chivers I am the biggest loser there is. I need to atone for my stupidity

  • Turtle


  • miu


  • Rafa

    Go Bears!

  • ChivEllen



  • red

    I feel like I just looked at the same picture 19 times..

  • Brooklyn

    Dear Chive, you just officially won this girl over 🙂

  • Pokepoke

    My mom does that crap at weddings

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