Comedian yearbook pictures (23 Photos)

  • Lokobo

    My mind is full of fucks.

  • @VetPsychWars

    I'm reasonably sure #17 is Steve Martin… or at least I've seen the name and the pic associated before….

    • walrus

      No, that is Larry David. I've seen the same picture in Rolling Stone and some other magazine — the pictures were attached to articles about him.

  • ShadewearOnline Scott

    Steve Carell totally looked like a narc. lol

  • Navin R. Johnson

    #18 So thats what happened to donkeylips from salute your shorts

  • PubicJones

    #13 Jimmy Fallon looks like a dirty Mexican. Nice wispy mustache.

  • Matt

    Anyone else think that John Stewart's pic kinda looks like Andy Samberg now?

  • None

    #1 FIND HER

  • Andy Dick sucks balls!

    #12 I thought this said comedians at the top? Therefore, get rid of andy dick. The only funny thing about him is the joke between his legs! Bababooie!

  • jr888

    Andy and Conan were so super cute ♥

  • @jaczor

    #18 is shocking, I still can't believe it's him. It even looks shopped.

    • @jaczor

      Crap, I meant #17 , I have no idea who the other dude is.

  • drummer113

    #21 Tina
    Yes/ and yes

  • Mark Tuquero

    #23 No waaaaaays. Can someone edit a beard on him? Better yet, can we do old school pornstars like christy canyon or tera patrick. i know tera isn't old and she started when she was young, but it would be pretty cool. or even a ugly duckling turn to a beauty……

  • Federico Schulzen

    #23 wtfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  • George Kenneth Gomez

    Why wasn't Bill Fucking Murray first on this list?

  • Lee Johnson

    Zach Galifianakis WTF!

  • VJ_1

    #1, Not sure if Will Ferrell…or Ron Perlman

  • Nietzche

    Obsessed over bill murray much, i bet most people on this site saying bill fucking murray have only watvhed ghostbusters

  • Patrick Schmidt

    #18 and #23 what a mind fuck

  • Leta Raaha Raaha Tupuu

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  • Herb


    Larry David ?!?

    Pretty … pretty …. pretty …. goo- ….. errr …. disheartening

  • Iceman

    Most of these aren't real. They're from a website that lets you make your own photos look like high school yearbook pictures. Brand, Seinfeld, and Fallon are all fake.

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