Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • spencur


  • http://asfarastheeyecansee-embee.blogspot.com/ BoyFromWales

    #32 – I like saying those words aloud. It makes me feel good. 😀

  • Bro

    #29 thats what happened when I stayed at the Venetian…. Must be a magical place!

  • Marcus

    # 41 is actually the crown prince of Belgium… Good taste.

  • http://drumusicloudsounds.tumblr.com/ drummer113

    #48 real life Pandora?
    #49 Forget my previous comment. This…

    • Andy

      I went swimming in there on my honeymoon! It's in Mexico, down in the Yucatan peninsula.

      • http://drumusicloudsounds.tumblr.com/ drummer113

        Cool story, bro.

        But seriously, that's pretty awesome. I only went as far as Acapulco in the summer of 2009. HOT AS HECK! Drove there with friend's family in the bed of a truck like the true Hispanic American I am. It sucked and I was humbled by the trip.

        Acapulco was beautiful; too bad I was sick.

        Cheers Andy!

    • Marco

      I'll bet not too many americans will know that she's holding a cricket bat

      • http://drumusicloudsounds.tumblr.com/ drummer113

        Well, those that are/were in sororities and fraternities probably would. That sounds like a lot of us.

  • DeChristo

    #29 #32

    There's a pair of keepers.

  • Nevenem

    #46 jump over escalade

  • belgianChiver

    #41 it's the future king of Belgium … yes he's a joke

    • strangeperson

      Always nice to see another belgian chiver 🙂

  • Jeff

    Where is #43?

  • tommy2X4

    #49 gave my penis a twinge.

  • http://www.facebook.com/manuel.vanderbeke Manuel Van Der Beke

    #41 is our future king… no seriously, he is the son of the king of belgium…


  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #32 LUCKY!! #39 holy shit, glad you got better

  • MisterFister

    umm… what happened #33's pic? it was the hot chick who owned the booty in #32, now it's not. kinda makes the comments funny though…

    • Friend

      She is 16 years old and in high school. That ass does not belong to her.

  • shaka06


    Amazing !!!

  • Blah

    #29 I guess the wife is taking the photo 😮

  • http://thechive.com/ cubanitagirl

    hahahahaha! #15 totally made me yawn hahahaha

  • To Hannah

    What do u tell a bitch with 2std’s black eyes? Nothing, u already ran her over with a car.

  • Tom

    #35 and #49 DAT ASS!!

  • decoy

    #3 – we MUST find her. MOAAAR

  • http://www.facebook.com/christophe.verwimp Christophe Verwimp

    omg #41 is the crown prince of Belgium…

  • wyfair

    #33 that was not the picture that was first there

    • Friend

      The girl was underaged. They were smart to take it down.

  • chicago

    #12 — just bought property behind the Great Wall. On the good side!

  • chicago

    #20 #29 #32 #45 #49 each are killer asses, especially # 45

  • Trainer

    #3, #20, #32, #35, #45, #49 are all asses i would love to see more of. but #3 my god what an ass and her waist is small. FIND HER

  • musa raza

    hannah u look great!

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