• therealguy

    he's a sponsored cliff diver for red bull

  • royness

    I do that every morning, it's not a big deal guys.

  • Andy Valentine

    50 points if you do a belly-flop

  • GayChiver

    Wish this guy would dive STRAIGHT into my anus. Same music too LOL :p

    • Average Chiver

      mine too!

  • pat

    i bet i could throw a football over then mountains

  • GlibTongue

    Not impressed. If it were a dude who did it just randomly, I'd be impressed.

    But a dude who has four cameramen set up to catch it from different angles? That's not balls. That's well thought out and careful planning, especially if one of them has an underwater camera?

  • rofl_rob

    that guy get soooo laid after that

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=501473592 Matt Cottrell

    clearly this dude is a pro cliff diver right?

  • thedeuce

    haters gonna hate. that was awsome

  • Rufio07

    O.K. those were some sick gainers

    • Enver

      all the right words, toheucd your arm at the right times, got you halfway home (the bar near his place, at closing) and then to his place. He got you to leave (ostensibly after sex wrestling ? C’mon, Kate, just tell us you did him), and got you to go away for good after insisting you see his FB page.This is step by step from one of those How to Get Women websites, right? And the most important step, for those kind of guys, is getting you to leave, after the boinking.Maybe its penance for being so mean to those other loser guys .Cheers!

  • TiminPhx

    Sign him up for "Paraplegic Monthly." He's going to want to read the articles there soon.

    And if anyone is free to turn the pages for him, sign up below.

  • Dave


  • Shucks

    Now if he would have landed on concrete the video would have been interesting

  • Huddo

    You're an Aussie aren't you? The only country in the world we call our mates "cunt", and cunts get called "mate"

    • thechive

      Actually I'm scottish, where headering someone is an accepted way to say 'hi'.

      • Huddo

        To be fair, pal, in Scotland deep frying is an accepted way to cook pizza. My Scottish neighbours actually used to do this. And deep fry baked potatoes too.

    • petefromtheUK

      Or a kiwi. Theyre just as bad

      • copperbum

        or totally different..

  • illgenetics

    What a fuckin' derp. I bet he was all juiced off a Jersey Shore rerun.

  • Shark attark

    That was SOFA KING kewl.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1068611674 Mark Tuquero

    perfect song to go with a crazy leap of awesomeness!

  • tommy2X4

    I would dive or jump but being 52 my days of flips are over, unless there is big money involved. lol

  • Dapper_Dave

    I'm guessing with as many camera men they had in place this wasn't done on a crazy whim.

  • Nik

    What is it a place and hotel?

  • Trentie

    But the olympics lacks rocks, has a metric arseload of health and safety related gizmos, a completely controlled environment, and lifeguards and ambos there…

    This would take some serious kahunas.

    He came stupidly close to the rocks at the bottom, too.

  • http://drumusicloudsounds.tumblr.com/ drummer113

    I'm pretty sure his feet hurt the day after. More so than the rest of his body.

    That was awesome, though.

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