Celebs burn their bras just like you (32 photos)

Attn Chivettes! I need you to dig deep and find your inner-rebel and actually take a photo burning your bra while wearing the tightest shirt you own. Please send all “Burn Your Bra” submissions to thechivesubmit[at]gmail[dot]com or use our Submit Page!

  • Rick

    #22 I would love me some of those rawr!! Love it love it love it!!!!

  • Do0zer

    #3 I swear she has the hardest nipples known to man

  • Anon

    I just want to know when the Chivette of the Week gallery of the new girl, ERIN, shows up. I definitely want to see more of her!

  • Auz_E

    #19 Not sure if wearing bra or not…. Oh Well, STILL HOT!!!

  • cardgeeks

    #19 is wearing a bra is she not? Can see the pink.

  • Anywho

    #18 You can't see Sarah Jessica Parker's boobs AT ALL in this picture

  • drewshane

    SO So so fine…

  • Commando00

    #3 and #13

    No need to burn your bra, just hang it on the doorknob on your way in…..

  • nojoke420

    #30 *knock knock knock* Penny! *knock knock knock* Penny! *knock knock knock* Penny!

  • KidCherub

    #8 How many donuts ago was this??

  • uga1

    #22 bitch got fat

    • Guest

      she was in maxim like a year ago, its a sad day

  • https://www.facebook.com/hustla.275 Michel Payette

    #10 Mmmmmmmmm….Charlizzzzzzzze.

  • Andy Valentine

    It's a fact, nippies (and bewbs in general) seem hotter when you know the face

  • KyleGamgee

    #25 and #29 all day, every day

    Okay fine, just once then.


  • Kevin

    You know that she must of been really really excited considering her nipples were so hard that they went thru the bra that she clearly had on.

  • Marissa

    #19 has a bra on. It's just not one of those awful super-padded things that have become the norm (for some unknown reason…..bulky bras suck….this means you, Victoria's Secret). Give me the old-fashioned lace and under wire, please!

  • Kevin

    I was talking about #3

  • Greg1024

    Who is # 20& #8

  • cantcme

    #12 #20 #24
    Bolt-Ons should not be permitted.

  • Logan_the_Chiver

    #19 is wearing a bra, just a really thin one

  • Wut


    Eliza Dushku….Nothing else needs to be said.

    • Franklin1138

      I know, right! I'm surprised it took until page 3 of the comments for someone to tag her.

  • Ethan Shuster

    #3 I've said it before! Jen Aniston could have a "Burn Your Bra" feature all to herself. The girl doesn't like wearing a bra and/or she has powerful nipples.

    All-Jen Edition, Chive! Make it happen!

  • Freddie

    #9 Katie Price, a.k.a. Jordan – British Glamour model. Pretty stinking without all the make-up on…

  • justaguy

    #1 #21 #22 I'll take these three and I'll be in heaven.

  • Frylock

    Oh Heather Locklear… Would have been awesome 15 years ago.

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