• Anthony Ramirez

    Is it just me or does she kinda look like natalie portman?

    • Opmongoose

      Yes my thoughts EXCATLY, with a hint of Mila…like a grey swan!?!

  • Nicholas Vettorel

    first off there is no way in hell your cookies are better than mine sorry and second I think you may be the female version of me.

  • Yabba

    #6 Erin, you are inferno hot, and that smile is illuminating! But those guts are off the charts!!

  • Dustin Williams

    #14 You actually look alot like Olivia Wilde. Just good to know there are girls like you out in the world.

  • ARey

    I love her. Where was she when I was in college?

  • Tony

    Marry me! Serious

  • Jason J. Hatfield

    She is simply stunning!

  • Rob

    hi Erin, i'm Rob. Lets meet 🙂

  • jeremy

    middle of america, studying film.. totally hot, and willing to show some skin… I'm guessing a move to Los Angeles soon, more skin and a wonderful career "studying" in film, and internet processing of said film.

  • Jake

    vous êtes magnifiques

  • Waldo

    Thank you sir may I have some MOAR?

  • sito1002

    Girl you Rock! You are just so too pretty and hot!! Keep on going like that ! 🙂

  • Jonny papercuts

    Sorry but def does deserve chevette of the week aint nothin special bot her n here alien eyes dont marry me or have my kids im dissapointed

  • Cory

    I wouldn't mind a date with her

  • fudmunki

    #11 yep!

  • Nick

    One of the Most Unique Pretty faces on the Chive….. makes me… just…. sighhhhhhhh

  • The captain

    Sadly I will never meet you or hear your voice. But to the man that wins your heart I just hope he wakes up every morning, looks over at you while you sleep and thanks God for how freaking lucky he is and how so many of us wish we were in his place! You are breath takingly beautiful so much so that it almost hurts to look at you, but I dare not choose otherwise because its a privilege to even gaze upon such radiance.

    • mitch

      easy big fella

  • jonnyvengence

    Im not gunna lie…i want to drink her bath water

  • Nick

    I think I just fell in love…

  • tom

    Johnny papernuts?

  • Bigsmall

    Just repost this in HQ but call it best photos of the week.

  • Steeb

    OM NOM NOM!!

  • Shawn Chris

    I am addicted to Erin's face, something magical about her I just can't wrap my head around

  • RBalicious

    my dream woman… attractive, active, amazing eyes.

  • Nathan

    Erin is one fine individual.

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