• Maing

    PERFECTION!!!! Made my day that smile

  • That guy

    I’m in love!! Hey smack dab in the middle of u.s is Wichita, Kansa

  • conair24

    soo is smack dab in the middle of the U.S. the actual smack dab that is lebanon ks? or a generic description of say st. louis or nebraska

  • Kentc

    those eyes. one word. lovely.

  • Evil Dung Beetle

    Gosh you're an upbeat lady!

  • pablo the beaner

    what a goddess

  • Chicken

    First ever chivette of the week, two weeks running? … Please?

  • adphilpo

    Please marry me!

  • marty
  • Tommy

    Erin you’re perfectly lovely – excellent candidate for CHIVETTE of the year!

  • MonkeyMadness

    #13 Beautiful eyes and beautiful boobs. You're the whole package! 😉

    Next, burn your bra!

  • Josh

    ChIve On from Canada my wife makes some Killa choco chip co

  • Josh

    ChIve On from Canada.My wife makes some Killa choco chip cookies.

  • Alan Connor

    A straight up beauty without the bs pro poses and what seems to be a personality to match. Chivette of the year for me.

  • dmat

    Erin, you are beautiful! dag gummit i want hug you! im such a gay..

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  • grrregg

    Moved my sister all day long. #14 is my reward to myself, for doing a good deed. Erin, you have a very beautiful smile, indeed. WOW.

  • @WalkerBro7227

    She has to be the Hottest Chivette I've ever seen and she's in to digital production and fishing, This is what all other chivettes should be rated up against. Erin you are the best

  • miscellaneous

    Sorry sweetie but, I make the best chocolate cookies in the world.
    Only way I can prove it to you is to challenge you to a bake off.
    Ever been to Alaska?

  • Joel

    Date me? I like Muse, college athletics, beer, running, tailgating, Outkast, KU, scuba-diving and The Chive

  • Greg Jencks

    If you love the chive, you’ll burn your bra

  • gdm426

    #3 you had me at chocolate chip cookies

  • A8eez

    #3 & thirdly we love to see you smile on the chive, beautiful smile at that too!

  • Kurtis Hight

    can we please make babies together

  • Jed

    Beautiful eyes, infectious smile, and artsy. And of course super gorgeous and real. Chivettes really are one of a kind. ^_^

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