• SweetBabyJesus

    Marry me?

    Thanks for submitting, Erin. You're an awesome chivette!

  • Joe Black

    What a cutie pie. Love the fact she does not wear make-up! So natural!!!

  • Joel

    Marry me!!!! Now!!!

  • kar

    Very beautiful!

  • Jason Akers

    #18 the best!

  • Trenton

    Where are the pictures?

  • Chase McMann


    I wanna see too!!! Chive, please fix this.

  • Ryan

    Gorgeous And She Paints. I Want.

  • Justin

    Beautiful eyes and beautiful smiles. Perfect

  • johnnotapanda

    she pops up on random and i still smile 🙂

  • jerald

    thank you Erin for providing all natural attractive girl without makeup to admire thank you chive you did It again! my fav pics!
    #3 #8 #9 #11 #12 #13

  • bostonmrd


  • OpMongoose

    #13 I just bit my lip off looking at you. ALL chivettes are stunning but Erin, f'n Erin my vote for at least if there is a all time #1 in my book

  • k boy

    My goodness, breath taking epic beauty 🙂

  • shakespeare

    #11 yeah whatever idiot said you didn't look good with out make up has no common sense you milady Erin are by far one of the most natural beauties on the chive i have seen thus far so keep smiling and chive on

  • Anonymous

    Such a sweet heart. Breathtaking

  • Tyler Reeves

    #13 thats the sexiest photo i've seen in a while!!!

  • Adam_R

    Hey uhm….where did the writeup for this go? Is there a link I'm missing? Some of the comments say Erin is from the Springfield, MO area – and seeing as how I'M from the Springfield, MO area…I was just curious as to what her story was :).

    • cac3682

      Her facebook says she is. A co-worker found her on there. Not going to include a link……for her privacy……but look for her. Promise, its not that hard. 🙂

      • Adam_R

        lol good call on the privacy. That wasn't my intention at all. I was more concerned with the fact that the entire writeup about her appears to be missing lol. It's just really cool to see a local girl represented on my dearest Chive.

  • OpMongoose

    I can't stop going back to her, chive teaches many thing in life; one being ALL women are beautiful but for fucks sake Erin is my fav.. No Offence to ANY others on this site and the world but really…really she is stunning and we need moar posts or something

  • OpMongoose

    Ok one more 2 things I know I love to smile when I see Erin and to she make me chive

  • Luke

    You are so perfect!!!!!! Marry me lol

  • Mark

    What happened to the pics?

    • Chazz_B

      same question… i wanted to see her again but BAM pictures gone

  • weed

    Where are Erin's pics? I missed them.

  • Lucky_Charms

    Sorry, they were sticking together.

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