Japan is creating creepy hyperreal 3D face replicas. No surprise here (12 Photos)

  • drewshane


  • Arktik_Arkitekt

    This should make for interesting bank robberies.

    • Rick

      my thoughts exactly

      • Big McLarge Huge

        same here…you could really screw with someone's life with this product

    • mouchette

      Cool, I love terror and stupidity..wtf?

  • wells11490


  • herbie hancock

    this is easy in japan because they all look the same. haha…I'm an asshole.

    • OneEndedStick


  • The_Stig

    this is damned disturbing. Identity theft to a new level.

  • wkdfrog

    The Possibilities are endless, but i'll start with a Nicky Whealan, Rhian Sugden & Jessica Rabbit just for kicks please! 🙂

  • Dirty Dingus

    I'll take a Jessica Alba for my wife and a Scarlet Johansen for my girl friend.

    • fgg


  • bngn3000

    I sense a new wave of dead celebrity conspiracies

  • Pwithc

    Uh…. fuck no #9

  • Stevie Jay

    Cool, I'll soon be robbing a bank as Tom Cruise. Dude is batshit crazy already, this'll be so easy.

    • D-Rex

      I would rob a bank as Ben Bernanke……wait, he's already done that. LOL!

  • V4Vendetta14

    #9 Exactly how am I supposed to fuck that? Come on creepy hyperrealistic 3d face company…without a working mouth this is useless.

  • R2G Fan

    I'll get a Katy Perry mask for my wife.

    • Dirty Dingus

      But her face is the worst part of her. Does this technology come in tits?

  • 1911

    Can you see thought it?

  • Mokuseitora

    #7- why did I think that she was wearing his face, and she would look better (or worse) underneath… damn u chive!

  • http://www.thechive.com GreyGhost9

    #3 another reason why i cant trust Asian women

  • Commando00

    Ok that's just F*&#Ing creepy!

  • https://www.facebook.com/mav2ag Thomas Pickett

    Yeah… this is going to make law enforcement work a nightmare.

  • Shep

    I'd make one of my boss and fire the people I don't like!!!

  • chicago

    #9 like Total Recall, can almost here it saying: be here two weeks, two weeks, twooo wee—ee

  • crableggs

    #7 MOON FACE i'll tell u a quick story about a time i was in NAM(benidorm) there was a lady the swam in the pool that whistled on every stroke, thats not it, the storey was of a chinese lighter sells man that had an arrey of exotic lighters u know the flashey light kind anyway the bloke had a chinese afro considering i was nothing but a scroat we intimadated him with use of peday rubb, hahahaha v funni

    • chelsearules


    • Just Sayin'

      Cool story!

  • 4one3

    Reminds me of the movie Face Off

  • Verbal_Kint

    Realdoll, now with multi-face!

    • Mutt

      I'm glad I was not the only person that saw a cross promotion with Real Doll

  • random dude

    Honey! Can you put this on and oh… here is a little plaid skirt and high heals while your at it….

  • chelsearules

    They're gonna have to re-make the movie Face/Off.

  • newscot

    Please tell Japan to just knock it off already. Every fucking weird thing I see comes from Japan, it seems.

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