You’re all gonna die! The humanity!! (21 photos)

  • Tyler Gube

    Smoking weed kills 0 people annually.

    • Thomas Pickett

      Real original… check to see if your post hasn't already been said or refuted before posting.
      BTW: In 2000, it was reported in South Wales, Australia that 4.3% of the 544 (roughly 23) traffic fatalities were linked to high levels of Delta-9-THC (found commonly in marijuana). Granted, MUCH lower than alcohol-related traffic fatalities, but to say there are 0 cases of marijuana related deaths annually… c'mon. (

  • MoranW

    wait…vending machines?…..

  • Anonymous

    You are all missing the logic… The chive kills a # of people every year ex. you chive while driving and crash = apply to chive death toll, ex.2 you smoke pot, you drive, you kill yourself = pot’s tab goes up… That is why #’s are all stupid high…

  • Terri

    domestic violence kills 1,000 annually

    Why all the fuss?

  • Troller69

    HA ! I saw this happen in the Office Cafeteria where I once worked!
    Guy's snack didn't fall out and the Vending machine wouldn't refund his change….He starts shaking it, punching and kicking until….
    well you get the idea; He managed to move most of the way out but his leg got crushed! yep pinned to the ground and crying like a bitch.

    Anyways I sipped my coffee as I walked out…

  • Kevin

    He said smoking weed kills 0 people annually, not marijuana related deaths equal 0. What you do after you smoke changes everything. Smoking and driving is still driving under the influence. It just has much more of a video game quality than alcohol.

  • nygenxer

    Marijuana kills ZERO people each year

  • Josh Zilla Disher

    where the fuck do you get these #'s?

  • drummer113

    #19 The Force kills 870 million (ambiguous number) annually. Mostly consisting of storm troopers.

  • Pokepoke

    Texting kills you? What? The words come alive and bite you in the neck?

  • Koneman

    Marijuana kills 0 people annually…

  • Link

    And yet everyone is on a mission to kill sharks and put up nets to catch them… because they are dangerous??? .. I say leave em be..

  • Edward

    #2 Merica fuck yeah!



  • wanker

    akhmed the dead terrorist kills thousand of not silent humans

  • japowlo

    I also kill thousands of people anally

  • Duvel


  • Jacob Queen

    no asshole texting while driving kills 6000 people anually, texting just causes 8 millions cases of carpal tunnel among tweens monthly

  • Kevin

    #17 Sources? Kind of unfair to put a Commercial aircraft there if you're including GA type cessna crashes. No fatalities in the US in over 2 years now for commercial airlines.

  • Noah_Knuff

    how many die from sex?

  • Anonymous

    Love the pic for auto erotic asphyxiation made my day

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