Rogue reporter inserts his own agenda into celebrity photo captions (12 photos)

A reporter for Canada's Globe and Mail went rogue in the captions making fun of celebrities and their excessive "1% lifestyles" while the rest of the country eats shit. We were able to get screenshots of the slideshow before they were removed.


  • @Adamags

    I completely understand the idea behind occupy wall street, but it still makes me want to kick some of these people in the stomach.

    • teh dude


    • DrChimRichalds

      You said it. I'm pretty moderate on average but I tend to see myself as conservative because of my extreme aversion to bitching and whining. Sure, conservatives bitch about liberals but liberals bitch about anything and everything. Get away from politics and conservatives seem pretty happy. Liberals are always miserable and insufferable. It's not that I always disagree with the message – it's just their methods of getting the message across are usually intolerable to me.

      • McBeastie

        What methods would those be? Free speech and the right to assemble? Sounds like the same rights allowed to the tea party and just about anybody else (except the tea partiers don't get arrested during the exercising of their rights). And you're right about the bitching and whining. We should all go home and sit in our bark-o-loungers and pretend that corporate lobbying and bailouts don't effect us. I mean, why would I want to interrupt Dancing with the Stars to have a healthy debate about anti-trust breakups? What a bunch of crybabies, concerned with their country and shit.

        • NYC piggy

          Tea party’rs don’t get arrested bc they “peaceably assemble.” the occupyers on the other hand practice how to resist the police. They actually had individuals teaching groups at a time how to sit down in the street, block pedestrian traffic and lock arms and create dog piles when police try to remove them. They try to get arrested so they could be viewed as a martyr to their peers. They may know how to protest but they have no idea what they’re protesting.
          Oh and if your down there protesting, put on your shoes. This ain’t your living room and no one wants to smell you

        • Sadman

          Some part of the rally deserve hearing, but the roots stem from entitlement. I don't like hearing that someone needs to give more because they make more. I am not "the rich" but every time the rich get taxed more, I pay more too for some reason (middle class woes). The Tea Party wants people to keep what's theirs; the Occupy bunch wants to take other peoples stuff. I don't care much for thieves and neither do most Americans who see through this facade.

  • jrey81

    #8 & #10 had me laughing. way to motivational post magazine style!

  • Guesty

    Dumb as is dumb

  • MylesofStyles


    How do these people get time off work to protest? They must have extremely flexible and empathetic employers. Wait a second, it just dawned on me. They all must work for Google.

  • mike

    ok #8 is hysterical…..

  • Chuck

    Well done chive for re-posting these wonderful comments of pointing out the not so obvious absurdity to some…maybe most

  • teh dude

    Loving the right-wing anger over the occupy wall street protests. Amazing part is most of the right-wing that comes on these boards and rants about it are lower class citizens or barely middle class.
    Obviously i like being rich, but having poor people defend me while i fuck them out of there money? Priceless.

    • fatback

      How do you fuck them out of their money? What exactly is their money? Since you are rich, you are already paying all the taxes for everything. It seems they are the ones fucking you in the ass, while convincing you to feel sorry for them. Now that's PRICELESS!

      • teh dude

        i suppose you think large % of the stock market owned by small individual investors in the form of mutual funds and 401Ks that is owned by the lower or middle class suddenly no longer belongs to them?

  • Mike

    Here’s an idea for the protesters. GO BACK TO WORK!! Fucking losers.

  • Nathan Hart

    Only good one was #10 for the feigning interest punchline. That and any picture of Selena Gomez is worth seeing, even if Eli Roth is there too.

    At any rate – rich people sure are awful for being successful. How about we bitch about that instead of better ourselves and getting jobs, or creating businesses, that make us super rich people too. Nothing stopping anybody from accomplishing that.

    • sigh..

      Yea, cause everyone can be "super rich"… cause obviously thats how a zero sum game system functions….
      1% of people control 42% of the nations wealth. Only way for another person to get get "rich" is for another person to become less "rich".

      • Nathan Hart

        It's not about everyone being super rich, make yourself super rich. Everyone else can take care of themselves.

      • geo

        I do not understand the comment that claims the economy is a zero sum game. It is called making money for a reason. Product sold means there is the value of the money exchanged plus the value of the good now circulating in the market.

        • teh dude

          really? you don't understand that?

          There is a finite amount of money in the world, based primarily on currency printing. Simply put if you manage to make a million dollars, that money didn't burst into existence out of thin air. Someone gave it to you in exchange for goods/services. Thus the person who gave it to you, no longer has it and is "less wealthy" because of it. Perhaps you get your money from a company. That company gained money from elsewhere, and gave you a percentage. Again, the money that was gained by the company is no longer in the possession of another party, that is by definition less wealthy as a result.

          And the vast majority of products sold do not maintain their value. Gas, food, disposables of any kind, most cars etc, all lose value the moment you consume it, or over time. Yes some things gain value, but that is at the will of the market. About the only thing that always gains value that is a tangible substance is gold.

  • Andy Valentine


  • wkdfrog

    #1 People who can't afford long pants…hope she discovers bras are expensive too!

  • Lia

    OK…so apparently I’m a bit slow on the uptake today.I really don’t understand most of them…or what’s so bad that they had to get yanked.

  • Ben Gittins

    For some reason my spidey senses sense a prank perhaps?

  • grest

    he is going to be on the line, complaining about losing his job, because he spoke his mind. It is not his fault, he was simply trying to get the word out………never mind it was not the opinion of organization he worked for. Now if he went out and put this on his own website, no issue, also no one would have seen it.

    Look at that, time for me to get back to work and build a better future for me and my own, instead of demanding everyone else does it for me, I am ashamed of my "peers"……

  • Tristan Thenightaway

    Hehehe the right wingers on this board are pathetic morons. Abstract thought is definitely not their strong suit. “Go back to work” … morons. Priceless is you idiots defending that which could care less about you. They might as well defend cat shit…..simpletons

    • 1%er

      "couldn't" care less…….

    • 1%er

      ….its ok, we will proofread you comments as we pay for your debt. Don't you have what, an creative writing degree? lib arts? Shouldn't this be something you are good at?

      You just sit there, the 1% will take care of everything.

      • 1%er

        Maybe I should do as I say…….that was pretty awful…..

      • Guesty

        *a creative writing degree.
        it's ok, I'll proofread your comments while you pretend you are actually in the 1%

        • 1%er

          <black eye>….

  • Franklin1138

    I have no problem with actors and other performers making a lot of money. Harrison Ford, in my opinion, earns every dollar of the $20 million he makes each picture (or whatever it is). He gives good, honest performances and does his job extremely well.

    I also have no problem with businessmen and women who make a lot of money doing honest, fair work. America is a country built on success and individual achievement…this is a country where you can have a great life by working hard.

    Where I have a problem is with the business owners who make their millions by cheating the system, taking advantage of the disadvantaged, lying, stealing, and extorting, and I also have a problem with the many politicians whose pockets they're lining in order to get away with it.

    • thom

      The real crime is the politicians who develop these corrupt systems that are unsustainable. These cheating business men you talk about are playing by the rules, set up by these politicians. Yes, they give money to the politicians, the politicians make laws that benefit them.
      Both are crooks, but I see no one calling for the corrupt politicians to be brought to justice.
      The real solution is to not give the politicians so much power. If they have little power, there is no reason to try and bribe them to leave you alone or do your company favors.

      • Franklin1138

        I totally get what you're saying, and you're right that the politicians are just as much to blame for setting up the system, but in our current business system, everyone has the opportunity to play it straight or scam it for all its worth, and while a great many business owners across the country play by the rules because it's the right thing to do, a large number take advantage of all of the loopholes and other things worked into the system.

        Once I got into a discussion with a friend and we were talking about fair trade. I said fair trade was a great idea because Starbuck's, for example, pays coffee farmers 25 or 30 cents per pound of coffee, and then turn around and sell it here for $8-10 a bag, making a killer profit. If they would pay the farmers, say, $1.50 per pound, they could still make a killer profit, but the farmers would be better equipped to sustain their lives and crop. My friend said, "Well why should they? It's their prerogative to make as much money as possible," and my only response was, "Yeah, you're right, but it's not the right thing to do."

        I would like to see the guilty (business types AND politicians) do the right thing for a change. Unfortunately the politicians HAVE the power now, and the task of wrenching it from them seems out of reach. Maybe I'm just being pessimistic, but even though people say we have power through voting, it sure doesn't feel like any power to me…more like a placebo.

  • Spacemanspiff

    This guy's a hero!

  • 1%er

    "These cheating business men you talk about are playing by the rules, set up by these politicians."

    Then go occupy capitol hill………

  • Grant

    Change it to "Occupy Washington". Demand that the politicians remove the regulations making these companies move jobs overseas, and then demand politicians stop receiving/giving contributions to and from these companies. Of course there are corrupt companies, but if a single business gets into bed with washington, it's competitors are almost forced to cut corners and fall to corruption just to stay afloat. It's very possible that if the protesters attention was focused on irresponsible politics rather then who does and does not have money, the republican support for the movement could enhance dramatically(and might even gain the support of the Tea Party). It could possibly be the largest bi-partisan movement in america's history, and will truly show that the strongest and final voice in america is that of the public.

  • saltygary

    They are still there on the site:

    • saltygary

      There is i good one after the "complete nobodies" pic:

      "Aww, look at the cute little complete nobodies," says actor Willem Dafoe attending the "4:44 Last Day On Earth" screening in New York.

      • saltygary

        Also wasn't a guy going rogue:

        "Editor's note: Each week, Globe and Mail editors supply tongue in cheek captions to our celebrity of the week photos. This week: our Occupy Wall Street edition. Disclaimer: this isn't an endorsement of any political position, just a spot of fun."

  • Tristan Thenightaway

    Hahaha…..Mr. 1%er is a moron. Nice sense of humor mongloid. “Could” or “couldn’t”…..either way you’re Forest Gump.

    • Big Daddy

      Racism: check. Derogatory terms about the disabled: check. Bad spelling: check. Look it's a dumbass hat-trick.

  • Tim

    I'm amazed at how shallow-minded a lot of these comments are. I hope you all lose your jobs, families and livelihoods and find out what is actually happening out there.

    • Brutal Deluxe

      Thanks, I appreciate the sentiment. Dick.

  • PubicJones

    If I was rich and famous, I wouldn't give a fuck about the other 99% either. If I can profit on the suffering of others, I will. Fuck these whiny ass protesters and their families.

  • The Drizzle

    If those protestors were occupying jobs, they would be too busy to act like petulent children. There's nothing brave or praiseworthy about blaming some nebulous enemy ( I.E. "the rich") for your own lack of ambition and failure to steer your own destiny.

  • Commando00

    Don't get me wrong these captions were pretty damn funny and (somewhat) true. If people really think that these celebrities are overpaid and "don't care" about the 99% then by all means stop going to the movies, watching their shows, etc. THAT will get them out fo their 1% category…..

    Chive On!

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