Rogue reporter inserts his own agenda into celebrity photo captions (12 photos)

A reporter for Canada's Globe and Mail went rogue in the captions making fun of celebrities and their excessive "1% lifestyles" while the rest of the country eats shit. We were able to get screenshots of the slideshow before they were removed.


  • books

    All of you railing against this person are idiots. This person is not a "rogue," this is their job, they are paid to do this and they've been doing it for a little while now. They photos weren't "taken down" the Chive is just stealing their content and perpetuating a myth.

  • Coldzilla

    Read about this on another site and its still up

  • peckerwood

    Why do dumbass lefties think that they're robin hood protecting the poor, like oh I am so down for struggle that exists only in my mind.

    • teh dude

      because we live in a advanced society? If you want to live in a place really practices survival of the fittest then go set yourself up in Somalia.
      Btw, please remember to decline any medicaid or medicare benefits when you are old, useless and no one wants to take care of you because they are looking out for themselves.

  • JOHN

    Dear chive guys go fuck yourselves. You won't show the awesome video of the guy ranting about the shitty job the government is doing but you will show how "ironic" and awesome this canadian douche is. I guess owning a business with almost no overhead and 0 risk gives you the esteem to subtly implant the notion of how other people should pay instead of you. Congratulations on being assholes, you are making it very clear you are from somewhere as corrupt as Chicago.

    Sincerely, soon to be deleted

    • Gregb

      Dear John, go fuck yourself sincerely a real chiver

  • grog


    Caption guy is a hero

  • McBeastie

    You should judge a group of thousands by a few random incidents relayed to you by biased media outlets.

    • MikeTyson

      Actually buddy, there are recordings of some of these protesters making anti-Semitic slurs.

      When Tea Party members were accused of making racial slurs, even after rewards were offered for any evidence that supported the claims, no evidence came up. That is an example of reports from biased media outlets.

      Remove your face from the computer screen and insert it into a book, please.

  • hitman219

    A photo of a man shitting on a car is hardly biased. And ALL major media outlets in this country lean HEAVILY left so your argument in invalid. Sorry.

  • Nathan Venturini

    It's the equivalent of us wearing Northface! Yay!


  • John (not that one)

    Awesome sauce, right up until the Socialism refs. Not all of the 99% are Socialist, and I'm beginning to get tired of Socialists speaking for me without my permission. It's just as bad as Wall Street, but in the other direction. Don't we have any middle gears?

  • Pants

    Just another jealous parasite who couldn't himself successful.

    • teh dude

      "who couldn't himself successful"

      I bet you are doing real well in life.

  • honestly

    once again – Leo beinga retard… what a surprise there.

  • Barno

    Rugby is the sport of kings. Back when kings earned the right to be kings by being the badassest mother flipping ass kicker around.

    Polo is the sport of prick face fuckwits who enjoy mixing dressing like tools with animal cruelty and dull sports.

  • Åñdrëw

    Can’t we all just fuck chivettes?

  • unklespatula

    – remember when Chiving was fun? Unless you weren’t there, of course.

  • fjj

    I'm sick of these wall street whiners. Go look for a job instead of moaning and bitching about not having any money

  • drummer113

    "So-and-so wears a new dress to blah blah blah." [Front page/cover/one of main articles]

    "Today, 700 protesters were arrested at OWS." [Shelved next to massage ads, minor links at the bottom/miscellaneous]

  • The truth

    Oh, whoa is me. Some mean people have more money than me. Why is the world so unfair to douchebags that make poor career decisions?

  • Michael Crimmins

    #3, funny because the Yankees have the highest paid baseball players in MLB

  • bill

    Does this guy even know what the occupy wall street movement is about?

    • SinisteRtheWickeD

      Nope, ….and neither do the protesters.

  • DaBoSS

    Hippies may have given us free love,but they were stupid in the 60's and are no less stupid now.

  • Alexander Murcia

    #8 Host nacho figueras arrives at the veuve clicquot polo classic in Los Angeles on Sunday dressed like a complete tool….

    genius lol

  • Gregb

    Why don’t all of u douche bags just shut up look at the pics laugh and then go to the next post if u don’t the the post guess what at you have to do is click back on your browser… So shut up.. P.s. Chive please keep posting things like this just to piss these guys off for me

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