A crap-load of random spaceships (55 Photos)

  • Stan_Dalone

    #4 the fifth element loved it #40 the Enterprise #46 space balls. No Independence day?

  • sureman123

    what is #44 from

    • Leonardo

      Dude. Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles. Where the hell have you been lately?

      • Dennis


        • Muadieb


  • lol

    #37 which series was it?m allways watched as a kid! 🙂

    • Liberator


  • E.U.B.

    is #44 from the terminator show with Summer Glau

  • Leeks

    Needs more Serenity

  • Anonymous

    Event horizon was rather scary. How else are we going to travel long distances without folding space though?

  • SheriffPablo

    #46 best of the bunch. I always wanted one of those…

  • Do0zer

    #3 I really miss the Stargate shows. And no Serenity or Destiny?

    • P90

      SG-1 and Atlantis were my favourite shows.

  • A BiPolar Guy

    #4 in Fifth element, Spaceship rides YOU!

  • Rick

    #44 how the hell did that show get cancelled? Boo…

    • Franklin1138

      Probably the same reason Firefly was cancelled…not enough people who enjoy really incredible sci-fi TV.

      • guyatwork

        no, because Fox hates good shows

      • Smitty

        Nope, plenty of people like them, it's just that they aren't getting counted in the "ratings" because the cocksucking execs at these stations have their heads so far up their ass they use their belly buttons as a peephole.

        These wankjobs have no respect for the demographic that these shows are for and completely discount us entirely.

        Why Torrent? Because Fuck You network TV, that's why. fuck you and your advertisers.

  • P90

    #3 Deadalus Class Battle Cruiser. (My personal favourite)

  • chicago

    #8 Close Encounters of the Third Kind — great film, a must see.

    • Franklin1138

      …while eating mashed potatoes.

  • James

    No Firefly, no Babylon 5?

  • Marco

    I scare. I like to be scared because of the caveman rush you get out of it. I jumped, rappelled, flew on the side of with only a piece of nylon holding you on helicopters and I loved it. #54 Event Horizon scared the shit out of me of the type I didn't like. haha That was one messed up fucking movie man.

  • jebu

    Boo! No Serenity, Defiant, Voyager, Noobian Cruiser, Fett's ship. Cylon's ships. More from Star Trek, DS9 like the solar sail ship.
    There is enough missing here to warrant a Part II.

    • Slakker_Bob

      I guess you missed Slave 1 at #45. I agree on needing a Part 2, so many more great ships out there.

    • dextuuur

      #45 Fett's ship is there – Slave 1

  • Kodos

    You do know Michael Jackson is dead, right?

  • Raph

    #54, no you're totally right, that movie was freaky in many ways. i love watching it still to this day because of the chills it gives

  • mckraut81

    How about the ship from The Last Starfighter? Did I miss it?

  • 0_0

    #54 Totally scared me.

    • Franklin1138

      Pretty much any sci-fi horror freaks me out. That's why I haven't (and probably won't) seen Pandorum, Alien, or played Dead Space. Although I did read the book "Death Troopers," about a Star Destroyer filled with zombies, and that was pretty awesome.

  • Franklin1138

    How about the "Cygnus," the big ship from "The Black Hole," shitty movie though it was. I'd also love to see the "Pillar of Autumn" from Halo.

    There's a great website out there packed with art (professional and more "freelance") of cool ships. conceptships.blogspot.com. Pretty rad. I go there all the time for ideas, and just to gawk at the amazingly creative minds out there.

  • Nexgenhippy

    No #Flight of the navigator ship? i know it was a bit of a kids film but the ship was still cool


    Where is Serenity?

  • 16inchzipper

    #54 Yes sir, it did and yes sir I did.

  • Mike

    WTF? No Serenity? Give the Firefly class some love…

  • JmalibuSS

    Ok, they got some Spceballs in there. But what about the SDF1 from Robotech?

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