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And the world record for largest balloon sculpture goes to… (8 Photos)

Adam Lee set a Guinness World Record for the largest balloon sculpture ever created by a single artist. The spider was crafted from just over 3,000 balloons.

  • manamal


    • Stan_Dalone

      why not?

      • Mr. H

        cause you won't get laid, ever!

    • soots
    • Jeffster

      Because Fuck You! that's why.

    • Frédéric Purenne

      It's obviously for halloween, DHU!

    • A BiPolar Guy

      Some men see giant balloon spiders that are there and say why? I dream giant balloon spiders that never were and say why not? — Me, after > Edward M. "Blow into the balloon, sir" Kennedy, after > Robert F. "Spider Man" Kennedy, after > George B. "nobody know I wrote it first" Shaw.

  • asdf

    uber cool

    • Chelios

      rubber cool

  • Rose3191

    Holy spider batman!!

  • Anne

    i wanna pop it…

    • Jeffster

      Is that what the first guy said to you

  • bad man

    Bitches love balloon spiders

    • wolves

      yeah, they be lovin dem spiders n dey be lovin dem balloons, son..

  • PrimerGray

    …a guy who hasn't been laid in a while.

  • Verbal_Kint

    He also hold the world record for people with too much time on their hands and least number of girlfriends, simultaneously..

    • poor kint

      I think someone's upset that they lost their title…

  • kodeasy

    Cool story bro

  • bad man

    first …..and GO!

    • jeffster

      not even close to being first.

      • bad man

        yeeeeeeepp….being sarcastic. good catch though! thanks for looking out for me, Broseph

        • nathan

          no you weren't. you were dead serious.

  • Busted

    Did he built it in Lara Croft's house?

    • Ryan

      Looks like cabelas

  • AssClown

    #1 I dare you to google "The Cannon Dildo"…

  • jrey81

    #4, i blew how many??? i have to blow how many more????

  • tralfaz

    Bob's black dildo emporium did not have the turn out he expected.

  • Swizz Schu

    I bet he gets a ton of ass because of that, bitches do love ballons

  • Josh Gorter
  • Its420somewhere

    I'm really stoned. And I don't get why someone would do this

    • 420 + 5 months hear

      I was really sober and couldent get the big "wow" either.. Then i got really stoned, and now I'm like "HOLY CHIBBERS THAT DUDE JUST DID THE AWESOMEST THING EVER.. I totally wanna ride that big balloon spider to the land of unicorns and cotton candy!!!!" Now I mellowed down but the idé about riding a huge balloon spider still seems like a good one!

  • Stan_Dalone

    takes Imagination, vision and talent not to mention a shit load of balloons, The fact he got payed for it

  • chicago

    shaping balloons …like reading words in reverse, what an incredible waste of talent

    • JamesT

      person complaining probably has no talent except maybe for complaining on the internet.

  • a_schoenoprasum

    doesn't this guy realize he'd get a lot more play if he pursued a much more noble and useful endeavor? like say throwing a frisbee through a basketball hoop.

  • Jason Villa


  • sshuggi

    Now, where's the kid that plays with it for 30s and then decides popping it serves a better purpose?

  • The_Dood

    I wanna see that in a few days when they all lose about half of their air and start drooping from the ceiling.

  • Gomer

    At first, I hought this was a behind the scenes for another Deep Anal Abyss….

  • GernBlansten

    Welcome to Loserville, Population: You

    • chicago

      and 9 mermaids

  • bkfrijoles

    #4 never gonna get laid

    • Michael Desat

      builds worlds hottest balloon girlfriend


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