It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (33 Photos)

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  • Rose3191

    #3 Cheetos probably have more personality too

    • JPV310

      arguably she probably feels better going in though

      and you wouldn't complain about orange fingers

  • Leonel Libreyloko

    #20 The fact that you Yanks think "America" just refers to your country should make you all sad. America is both North and South, from Canada to Chile. Knowing things can be great. 🙂 Cheers.

    • ImpressMe

      Yeah…go anywhere and say you are from America and see how many people actually think you are from anywhere BUT the USA…..Canada is Canada….Chile is Chile….and you are an idiot.

    • http://Yourmums Jam

      No Canadian would ever call himself American. Stupid American. You sir are a world class douche.

      • Inviolability

        He is obviously not American, no one says cheers without beer in America

        • Bear on Stilts

          unless they're talking about the show, then again that revolved around beer so the point is moot.

    • Hammyscrammy

      Americans should tell the rest of the world we’re from the place every other country runs to for help.

    • ChEESE

      says the loneliest canadian

  • nojoke420

    #14 He should be much happier in this picture.

    • Will

      What is this from?

      • It'sJimmyYo!

        Alpha Dog

    • dweber77

      That is exactly what I thought. He seemed a little too concerned with the awesomeness about to happen. Unless she just slid something in his ass and he is not sure what it is, then he has reason to be concerned.

      • nojoke420

        Maybe he felt something rubbing against his leg

        • JPV310

          Don't you ever allude to amber heard having a penis!
          she is a goddess, a lesbian goddess, but a treasure nonetheless

  • myNameIs

    #33 Would like to see the actual picture.

  • ImpressMe

    #11… ok, you don't have to actually kill the first one….just wing him…. happy now?

    • cubicman


  • Obvilious

    #1, #16, #27, #29, #33
    5 Lonely Island references in one thread = win

  • Lumpy

    #32 It's in Canada.

  • dutch

    #32 it's at the State Fair of Texas

  • wkdfrog

    #31 lol

  • Michael

    #23 Kristen Stewart may be really shy and corky but she is a cutie in my opinion. I know some people will disagree with me.

    <img src="; border="0" alt="Kristen Stewart Pictures, Images and Photos"/>

    • Truth

      Corky??? You mean she's retarded?

      • Michael

        All I meant was she is just a little odd. Kristen is terrible at public speaking, but in your opinion she is retarded. Most people hate her just because of the Twilight BS.

        • Bear on Stilts

          No I hate her because of her lack of ability to act or have a range of acting skills and emotions.

        • Coldzilla

          I think you meant "quirky". The Corky truth is referring to is a mentally handicapped character on an old show called Life Goes On

    • Impressive

      thats her one facial expression, she has no other facial expression than that.

    • spellchecker

      realy.. really?

    • amrith777

      I don't know about her personality because I don't watch alot of TV,but I WILL agree with you on her looks.I think she's STUNNING!
      And I have thought that ever since I first saw her–which was in a movie where she played a girl who got raped and didn't speak after that and all Twilight jokes aside–I personally thought she was excellent.She was pretty much unknown then and younger–but even then I thought she was a little hottie….
      Yep! Probably goin' to Hell,LOL!!

  • Inviolability

    All Hail #12

    • Bear on Stilts

      got nothing on cthulu

  • Anonymous

    #19. I’ve been there. It’s amazing.

  • monkey

    #12 holy hell, that shit scary.

    • Bear on Stilts

      syfys next movie probably

  • Ferociousaurus


    No it shouldn't. America trades raw materials with other countries to increase efficiency for everyone involved. This is not a bad thing. This is commerce.

  • whodidit

    how do i know this is a lie.

  • Bear on Stilts


    Send in danny glover

    • R. L. Stine

      Monster Blood!!!

  • tehjones

    #4 is actually a screenshot from a firefighting lesson video. They lit the christmas tree on fire and it spreads to the whole room in under a minute.

  • Grammer Nazi

    #23 *Really, *it's
    get it right.

    • Spelling Nazi

      get your own name right, Kelsey Grammar…

  • csor1120

    haha #2 is priceless

  • MonkeyMadness

    #32 I had some chocolate covered bacon at the fair this year, it's actually good!

    • Bear on Stilts

      It's because that chocolate had bacon in it, bacon improves all

  • Buster Nutt

    Surprise rectal exam

  • Kempo

    appearently you dont have a daughter.

  • Marc-André Bernier

    #7 shouldn't be proud when he say that girls laugh when they see his penis… poor guy.

  • TerryRonda

    my classmate's mother makes $84 every hour on the internet. She has been fired for 10 months but last month her check was $8514 just working on the internet for a few hours. Read about it on this sit?

    • Interesting

      if she really made $84 and hour than last month her pay check should have been $60 480
      or if she only worked for a few hours, and for arguments sake lets say a few is three hours than she would have to been paid $2838 per hour, which could mean she is a big liar about her pay wage.

      Now if this was a legitimate way to make money than all the economic crisis' would be over. But alas this is just a poor poor scam.

  • Marc-André Bernier

    #32 fry's dog, he waited for you…

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