Very very interesting… (28 photos)

  • Win_All_Day

    you know hitler… we weren't so different, you and I

    • cincy o

      Is that you Hank Jr?

  • El Jefe


    Turtle Creek in Dallas. A couple of blocks from my house. Only thing that might get sucked in is the random duck or goose. Oh, and the overly botoxed Highland Park housewife.

  • fred9000

    #1 I've seen photos of these before…forget what they are called. But they scare the hell out of me. holes in water…nobody knows where it goes or, if you fell in, how much water might come raining down on you in a quick flood or something

    • Anonymous

      U idiot. It’s drainage

  • Honk

    i was born on Halloween…

    • Boom

      Nobody cares.

  • Bum sniffer

    #7 I’m an elevator constructor, so I build elevators, and that’s a blatant lie…. Only way to skip other floors is if u have an independent service key

  • drasparagus

    Nice, refreshing post Leo! Keep interesting and Chive on….

  • http://thechive Alex

    #9 Just get a mirror and put it in front of the pic, and it’s clear

  • HGrow

    #7 Did anyone else notice there is no story 4, 14, or 24? What is up with that?

    • Anonymous

      #7 looks to be chinese elevator. Unlucky no. 4 for them

  • soupnuts

    #1 it's called a gloryhole…

    • FogHorn_LegHorn

      It's called a well dipshit

  • myNameIs

    To = Direction
    Too = In addition, As well
    Two = More than one
    To != Too != Two

  • Coldzilla

    #7 its amazing how long this has been around and how many people fall for it 😉

  • Medium00Rare

    #6… my birthday is on Halloween. No shit.

  • SuperMar1o

    Yes I will try it. Its funny though usually superstitious people skip a level 13 in their elevators, this one skips 14!! I wonder what goes on there?

  • Obvilious

    As are most of my talents.

  • Bongzilla

    #12–> just got home from school, time for a bomber

  • MCS

    First thought upon seeing #28: "Kick the Baby!"

  • coolaid

    #14 perfect.

  • Qwixel

    #1 This is what happens when you put your about ground pool together inside out.

  • Banana_man

    how old is this map. if i am correct, South Africa is covered by the old flag, as is Namibia. It has the old South West Africa colours, and was called 'South West Africa'.

    • dude


    • Trotzki

      Right, because it's not the Hammer & Sickle, which covers appr. half of the world, which makes this map look old.

    • Trotzki

      Right, because it's not the Hammer & Sickle, which covers appr. half of the world, which makes this map look old.

  • Kris

    #28 Even then he hated the juice.

  • dude

    #1 I know this place, my ex-wife's house. tread lightly.

  • showtownman

    #28 I saw what you did there.

  • chairman wow

    the lack of 4's in #7 indicates the elevator may be in an area with a large Chinese population. the number 4 sounds like the word for death and is unrucky.

    • Kris

      I raffed.

  • TylerV

    I really enjoy these kind of posts Chive. Keep it up!

  • PfcRiver

    #7 doesn't work. See that little lock in the top right corner? That's on every elevator as well, and emergency crews have a special key that uses it to go direct to floors.

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