• Jimminycrickett

    Really? its a BIRD, just run it over and call the day done.

  • Kyle

    new record for worst waste of time

  • jbench

    i think its amazing so many of the cars stopped or swerved….

  • Geoff

    Thank you Spielberg.

  • Carlos Spicyweiner

    Fly you fool!

  • albert

    Watchin… Watching. The Ride of the Valkyries plays in the background. EPIC01

  • guest
  • http://twitter.com/bloodlustpma @bloodlustpma

    AWESOME PANAMA IS IN THE CHIVE, Proud Panamanian here, and yes we are that nice to animals… most of the time

  • Anonymous

    So this is what we do in panama for fun

  • http://twitter.com/F9crossfire that one guy (@F9crossfire)

    So this is what we do in panama for fun

  • hMMMM

    can you share a picture of your face so I can punch you if I ever see you?

  • What Humanity?

    I'm with you on that, I'll stop or slowdown for wildlife before I ever slow down for a person, although I never actually want to hit someone. Deer are a different story because those suckers are unpredictable but I do hope I never hit one (I'd rather hunt them). I usually just hit the horn and go blowing by so close I could slap them in the face. However, there are certain circumstances where I will stop: if someone is elderly, obviously has a disability (blind, wheelchair, etc) or some type of walker/cane, they actually stop and look before walking out or if they have a child with them. Usually it is only when they feel like crossing when they're not supposed to or crossing in undesignated areas that I get pissed off. People should know better, wildlife don't. Just my opinion.

  • Bro J Simpson

    what a panamaniac

  • MasonGinger

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  • GPwnsauce

    "no dude dont do it!" lol

  • BLah

    Who the hell slows down for a tiny bird!??!? Hmmmmm….risk getting rear ended and save a stupid ass bird…. or hose off some feathers ……………DERP

  • Jericho789

    And zero fucks were given by the bird

  • TheMoose03

    I can't lie.. I was laughing so hard during this video. Also.. I kind of expected the bird to get hit at the last possible second.

  • Tim Tebow's Roommate

    and not a Single Fuck was given..

  • PTY 507


  • tommyd

    I have a boner.

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