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  • Anonymous

    #14 this doesn’t look like “just a costume” anymore, someone should call the FBI asap!!! lol

  • konaehukai

    #24. Dogs Rule.

  • jaydub

    #22 …i gotta fart…hope its not a shart…oh shit..its a shart!!!

  • Skedaddle

    #14 nailed it

  • ceecee

    #6 rides by on a boat.. *yoink*

  • GO WVU

    AJ Hawk… another douche from OSU

  • Guest

    #4 Wow, who's that??

  • dan0

    #2 Mother of the year

    • dan0

      Meant #4

  • Marcus McConnell

    #21 "Um Excuse me waiter, can I have you please make me another burger? This one is a little chewy"

  • Wazoo

    #23 In the process of looking at this pic, I was listening to the most gangsterish music. Made it even funnier! Wish my granny did that haha!

  • brokeneggshells

    #14 "Newman!"

  • ChiefG

    #22 It's nice that Hagrid could come to Harry's wedding.

  • nomyia

    #23 looks like pre-murder.

  • Otyugh

    #24 That's what I call authority.

  • @angel_elle

    #16 Jake Plummer did it better

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