Hot Right Now: Daily Morning Awesomeness (39 Photos)

Even more proof that Vladimir Putin is the real life most interesting man in the world (37 Photos)

This is definitely my favorite new post.

Via Widelec

  • golflimabravo

    My professor was at that meeting #19 — he works on tigers #33

  • Inviolability

    #21 Horse Whisperer
    #25 Puppy Lover
    #33 Tiger Tracker
    More proof he IS the most interesting man in the world

  • bkfrijoles

    what doesnt this man do??

  • Lou Stools

    He's the russian Bill Murray.

  • torc

    #31 surely thats a PAK FA not an F-22 right?

  • Anonymous

    Bond must die.

  • Chris

    Chive ditch the huge adds at the bottom of each post. They confuse us 😦

  • Glass

    So lucky…

    More upsetting is that Tom Cruise has done that as well.

  • thedude325

    In five years, he will try and take over the world….no, seriously.

  • Tyler

    i could really care less who this dude is…but i guess it looks like he's liven life….soooooo…thats cool i guess….

  • AO1JMM

    His PR work is top notch but thats about it.

  • The HUSS

    #19 and leo was like: u must go deeper !!

  • Mr Rj to you

    they should just make the guy do at least one capt morgan and dos equis commercial…closes the deal for the title!

  • wasted

    him and a few other in power need a bullet asap.

  • fabio

    Fuck you Bob. And fuck all of you.
    He. Is. A. Murderer.
    Please post just pussy and stuff like that.
    'merican = ignorant.

    • amplidudes


  • Noah_Knuff

    master of the photo op that's it

  • ...

    chive, please stick to girls and stay away from politics! you don't have a fucking clue and seem to never do only a bit of research before starting a post.
    you glorify a former KGB that systemically suppresses opponents and free speech. for starters you might want to look up what it means to be a journalist in russia that isn't pro-putin.

  • amplidudes

    PUTIN SUCK! (please, dislike me a lot & do him equal)

  • amplidudes
  • abrojo

    He is the russian lost brother of Chuck Norris!

  • Anonymous

    a big collection of propaganda pics, nice

  • Tito

    #25 We gave him the puppy 🙂

  • chicago

    #32 ..the cleric whispers to Putin: you are my god

  • dannyk
  • Dave

    Mr. KGB reminds me of a bad guy you would see in a James Bond film.

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