Road rage, it affects us all (7 Photos)

  • Martin

    If I would have been in that car, before the elephant touched it, I would have gotten out and knifed through the elephant's chest with a judo punch, removing the elephant's still-beating heart and thwarting the attack. Then I would have eaten the heart while blood dripped down the front of my shirt while all the women in the car performed fellatio on me.

    • CORe

      I call your bluff

  • bless1


  • Ronald Pineda

    Freakin’ humans think they own everything. Well not up n’ here, NOT UP N’ HERE!!!

  • Guest

    Damn nature, you scary!!

  • Vinny

    I flipped Babar off so he flipped me off…….THE FRIGGIN ROAD

  • poppajo8

    Where's the guy from the 'Mayhem' commercials?

  • Commando00

    Elephant 1……Car 0

    Hope they had side airbags!!

  • loso

    Mayhem: Just pull over and let him pass

  • Big G

    Typical dutchman machoism! Get a brain ya bonehead! LOL

  • 3244

    Dear Spammer,
    Please be annoying somewhere else. We all would appreciate it greatly.
    Thank you. – Everyone else

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  • Anonymous

    holy sh*t!!!!!

  • Daniel Andujar

    Right, because why try to go help them when you can STAND THERE AND TAKE PICTURES OF IT?

    • ChodeLauncher

      What could any onlooker do? It's a freaking BULL ELEPHANT!

      Here, let me demonstrate:

    • Gina

      right sure thing and get crushed or speared or thrown 100yrds by A Fucking Mad BULL Elephant

  • BrotherDarryl

    All I can here is Cleveland before (his car gets rolled) his tub falls out the window.

  • gorizal

    like a boss.

  • robsterling

    What's big and gray and comes in quarts?
    This guy!

  • Nick

    yup just your average working day in the Kruger Park

  • Gyro

    yea … dumbshit from North West that doesn't know you dont fuck with a elephant

  • Stan_Dalone

    #1 King of the Road

  • Noah_Knuff

    you're following me too damn close #5

  • Dullmann

    Ohhhh, "road rage" I thought it said "road rape"… woulda been WAY more interesting. Heh heh "rape".

  • Otyugh

    Don't mess with the Chuck Norrises of the animal Kingdom.

  • duh

    "Hey boss, I'ma be late for work… An elephant just rolled my car into a ditch…. I swear!"

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