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chive tumblrs2 Want vs Need (35 photos)

img 5784 Want vs Need (35 photos)

Durable plastic ‘Keep Calm‘ and Chive logo tumblers on sale now at TheChivery.com. And Don’t forget about the new CHIVE pint glasses!

  • Matty

    SERIOUSLY!? Nobody else wants that stunning special edition Gallardo at #21? Tons of you people want that lumbering beast of a Bugatti, but no one wants one of the prettiest, best performing cars ever made. I guess it just goes to show, it doesnt matter how big of a name you are, theres someone bigger and more popular.

    • Natty

      No I want a car that is affordable, and won't cost me a fucking fortune to fuel up as well and is actually fuel efficient.

  • meee

    #27 esti ginzburg

  • maxpain66

    #1 #12 ''Hey Dad,how are ya ,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,i'm good thank's,hey listen Dad I'v got a couple favor to ask ya,,,,,''

  • http://twitter.com/jeremy562 @jeremy562

    #23 who would want homeless shoes?

    • Jeffster

      the homeless man.

  • Drew

    Response to jjjmc: I found theChive about the same time. It's like watching a coffee shop you loved become StarBuks. It was/is neat, but it also feels like it's trying to grow too quickly & cash in while it's 'cool' (remember Big Boys to Break?(daily visit changed to once every 6 months+ for me)). I still love it, but don't need to visit everyday; and for that matter, backtrack to the days I've missed. Last time the shirts were available I was able to get one in the cart, but then I passed because I thought about the type of people who would recognize the shirt. It used to be more of the 'odd ball, but fun club' but then turned into Jersey Shore. Ed Hardy was awesome before the douchebags got to it… The pint glasses have my attention though. You guys are raping on the S & H…reminds me of the old Columbia House Tape Club.

  • John Robert

    Photo 7 is not a BMW. It appears to be an Alfa Romeo Montreal spyder (convertible) with BMW badging.,
    19, 20 and 27 are spectacular.
    Thank you, Chive.

  • ImpressMe

    I need #3……oh and also #12.

  • chiverMike

    I want a floating lamp – where do I find one of those?

  • Sad But True

    EXACTLY! The Chive is losing it's soul

  • JackDiesel

    Seriously only 2 people talking about floating lamps in the comments section? FLOATING LAMPS!

    Chive, you really need to post links where we can find that stuff, or at least a hint.

  • THT

    #19, #20, #21 – are you kidding? i NEED all three items

  • TheYeasterBunny


  • Alice

    #3 Need and Want, Girl, yes I am. *MWAH*

  • Gringo

    #13 Oh Hell Yes.

  • Anonymous

    How do I get the watch?!?!?!?

  • SasKc

    Who is #19? She's a godess

  • Noah_Knuff

    #1 want

  • Andy

    Where is 18?

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Chipwaker


    Your welcome
    It’s called google
    $1300 don’t that bad

  • Auz_E

    #1 Just add a helipad complete with a chopper and you're done!

  • Bob

    #4…I guess everything has it's own superfan somewhere.
    #6…SERIOUSLY?!?! Like you're going to be standing on the curb with your hand up NOT hailing a cab??

  • BlackMatterBeaver

    #1 Would suck a few foreigner wangs for one. maybe 7 or so…

  • Groggy

    #16 Does a simple USB hub really belong on this list?

    • Anonymous

      Nerd voice please…

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