When you got it, you got it (12 Photos)

Russian botox, it’s hit n’ miss.

  • Rob

    woah, thought the first two were shopped, then laughter turned to horror….

  • http://www.facebook.com/Rassilon9 Michael Robinson

    Hideous, ghastly, Halloween way to early. Is this the Elephant mans long lost sister? OH god i think i'm going
    to puke BRB

  • http://www.facebook.com/Rassilon9 Michael Robinson

    And i thought GaGa was scary

  • Anonymous


  • Zane

    do not want!

  • dave

    its a trogdor… duh.

  • bret van arsdale

    #11, whata fuckin DOG!!!! WOOF! WOOOF!

  • Betrusco

    Well… She ain’t got it, that’s for sure

  • tagbadger


    lol, almost jumped out of my chair! You got me Chive!

  • Anonymous

    April fools??? On an old ass BMW? WTF Chive???? Definitely not chivin’ on!

  • A8eez

    #1 excuse me, got what? cumon chive this is a first low, but like low low.

  • Anonymous


  • Adam

    It’s a fucking guy! So gross ugly bitch! Why don’t you get plastic surgery? PLEASE! Maybe people would think your hot. Your not do-able even if you have a bag over your head! Goddamit!

  • Cross

    whoa! whoa! Dude looks like a lady!

  • Gandalf


  • goodboy

    Look closely at the head in #1 & # 12…appears to large for body!Def looks like a 'photoshop'pic.
    Time to get out the brown paper bag cause from the legs to hips is where I'd hit….

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  • donnyboy

    OMG, It make my cock hard.

  • John

    Lets play cops and robbers and i'll just put this bag over your head,

  • Steve

    What the hell is this? Uuugggh, how bout a little warning next time.

  • Chris

    Still sitting naked on the cold floor rocking back in forth in my feces.
    Thanx Chive

  • Paul

    WTF are you doing CHIVE…!!. What was this for? Its not funny! That is some Ugly Shit…!

  • dan

    OMFG! The only thing this girls got is a BUTTERFACE!!

  • el_rusius
  • Sam

    U ! G ! L ! Y ! She ain't got no alibi, she UGLY !

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