When you got it, you got it (12 Photos)

Russian botox, it’s hit n’ miss.

  • Sean

    #1 Well, we'll always have the first photo.

  • Bullstoi

    Yikes! Hell No!

  • shifty420

    wtf, were u guys drunk when you put this up? damn ur way off the mark on this one. came here lookin for someone hot. that image is burned into my brain now. make it stop!

  • Spaded Jaded n Faded


  • Justin

    The first picture is so deceiving!

  • Uri Nalstain

    " GEEZE!! Last time a saw a mouth like that, it hadda hook in it"

    Miss ya Rodney….

  • Spywith1eye

    Haaa Chive you are one funny mother flower!! Now wherz the hot chicks?

  • twotone

    Chive what the hell there have been women on here that are breathtaking then u give us this??

  • Always Last


  • CheapBastard

    I'm Sorry….Whatever I did to deserve this, I truly apologize. Please don't punish me any more……

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