Captions are like Tapatio for photos (31 photos)

  • solsticeale

    This site would be fantastic if there was no comments section.

    • Anonymous

      Or if douchebags like you wouldn’t comment

  • Mack318

    #20, I am waiting for the glorious snow to bestow itself upon Tahoe!

  • endp

    #29, I don't get it, just dump it back in the box. This would work even with my crazy 4 cereal combos.

  • Machinist

    #10 Shoshanna Stern doesn't really give a shit what anybody whispers to her…

  • Machinist

    #19 Find them all!

  • Ricardo

    #20 Winter is coming

  • rossy

    i think #5 is gemma atkinson i may be wrong but god id love to dive in to them

  • Roady

    #5 WIN! for a day

  • Cecil

    #30 made me laugh so hard my belly hurts!

  • brionodinson

    These were fantastic! Thanks for the laugh!

  • Txsdesiree

    #29 First world problems…..

  • shamesher


  • IdrisTheTardis

    Frickin’ love #1!

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