Girl loves to photoshop celebs into all her photos. Not creepy, I swear (14 Photos)

I don’t know the girl’s name, lets call her “Forever Alone Asian Girl,” but she loves to photoshop celebs into her photos and vice versa.

  • Alex

    id say #5 might be legit.

    • KyleGamgee

      That would be the X-men. The sign in the back says Avengers.

      Not likely.

      • Luis Felipe Gonzalez Diaz

        maybe it was at comi-con in front of the avengers sign. Seems like a lot of work to paste them and herself in front of the wrong sign on purpose :-/

    • mouchette

      The X-men Avenger clan.

  • BmmW

    Forever alone girl pretends to have an awesome life.

    • BleedC&B

      Stupid Asian

    • gns


  • nananamatman

    You misspelled "Asians"

  • josh

    …maybe celebs like to Photoshop her into their photos…just a thought!

    • LarsfromNorway

      I like the way you think, "Little Asian Girl" is the newest accessory when it comes to Celebrity Photos

    • meh

      ive just been mind fucked

  • drewsmalley24

    #14 Nailed it

  • Dr. Rich Goesinyou

    Whack job.

  • rawrr

    these are actually really good! love #6 #8 and #14

    • SimonPhoenix

      No .. #6 fucking sucks. Look at the head on Hermoine .. totally doesn't look like it belongs on the body.

    • mitch

      the emma watson one is terrible, completely obvious its a fake

  • chicago

    #1 I can understand this one, its Tina. :} all around standard Asian weirdness otherwise.

  • jasonsapunka

    #4 of all the pictures of Vin Diesel to use…. really?

    • bemilm

      Don't hate, Vin Derp is just derping the herp derpaderp

    • Erghh

      Sad could not be in "Drive"-instead take funny pics with Asian girl!

      • Jen

        Did he try out to be in "Drive"? Didn't think it was really that good…

  • Dan

    So entralling.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    yeah, totally not creepy

  • AssClown

    #11 Sylar!!! Please don't slice open my head and drink my brain!!

  • Sean Fleming

    #3 Photoshop lvl 78

  • Anonymous

    Shes pretty good at it at least

  • Iam_Dave

    Not bad shops I guess. Maybe she'll do porn stars next? lol

    • real talk

      isnt #8 a pornstar?

      • Iam_Dave

        I believe thats Kim Kardasian.

        • xxxx


      • Stan_Dalone

        well she has no other talent

        • Iam_Dave

          true, bet she cant screw either making her totally useless. Wonder if she can make a sandwich…probably not.

  • Barrowsboy

    some of these almost seem legit and then there's ones like #9 and #10

  • Anonymous

    Vin diesel looks retarded

  • Mikey

    This chic is great! LMAO thats hilarious!!!! Specially #8

    • kire

      When you need a Kim fix, The Chive ( Hollywood's newest whore blog) has the cure….

  • smitty

    Soooo….ronery…..I'm so ronery…..

  • lfsg

    last one made me lolz

  • RJG

    I think she is hilarious!! I bet she has an amazing sense of humor. Love #14

  • Jak

    #3 looks pretty damn convincing

    • LuvH8fulChix

      Especially the area on the upper right just above Orlando's ear.

  • Commando00

    #4 I think he was squinting too hard and went cross-eyed…….

  • akajako

    Love the photo shop with Steve Buscemi in #14

    • Bob

      LMAO, seems legit

    • blub_glub


  • Carlos Baudelio Valdez Salazar

    i gotta say…. she is actually has quite an experience doing photoshop… i wish i had those skills!

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