Girl loves to photoshop celebs into all her photos. Not creepy, I swear (14 Photos)

I don’t know the girl’s name, lets call her “Forever Alone Asian Girl,” but she loves to photoshop celebs into her photos and vice versa.

  • Pboat

    Am I the only one that thinks she is awesome?

    • Marcus

      Hell no. This chick is fucking great!

    • somedude

      I think she goes a bit too far with it so kinda yes

      • aaaa

        vote for awesome!

    • DudeBro

      Nope, and she's cute.

  • TWON925

    How do you know that all those celebs didnt shop her into their photos

  • echogeo

    Lonely girl displays her loneliness.

  • McintoshTodd

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  • ChelseaRules

    #4 I can think of so many more interesting things you can do with that picture and photoshop.

  • Rolis

    the sad truth is……….this is a picture of a 43 year old MALE!! oh japan

  • Paul

    Is that a hovering hand #12? I also agree with some of the comments some of these are pretty good in some she got the shadows right and made the quality on her pic match the one she was working on. Mad props on the photoshopping but sucks to be forever alone x_x

  • monkey

    not bad, shes good with photoshop.

  • Austell

    #6 awesome because they are in the kitchen. Probably ready to make a sandwich.

  • Jay Parrish

    # 4 vin diesel derp?
    #12 is she giving a handy to rdj?

  • James Hoen

    A couple of these are actually really good photoshop jobs.

  • MylesofStyles

    She absolutely has to incorporate some porn / porn stars at some point.

  • Chuck

    Wow…this thread really happened? WTF

  • bkfrijoles
  • Shadowwight

    Some of them are entirely obvious, but the bulk of them are *really* good….

  • mouchette

    #12 is the trump card-perfectly proportional head.

  • Rich

    I think she's hot

  • bob

    Its like the Grudge

  • Black6dog

    Holy Shit she's good! Some of these look legit as hell! And she's really good a matching lighting for sure

  • cincy o

    No more creepy than having the goal to be "first" in chive comments….

  • swashbux

    I want to be her friend.

  • Virgin Surgeon

    I think it's pretty funny.

  • Virgin Surgeon

    White people get tattoos with Asian writing. What do Asians get tattooes of? English writing?

    • Konichiwahwahwah

      They get a tattoo that says Twat and tells people it means bravery in english.

  • Mokuseitora

    #11 – As gay as twilight…
    (actually not an offense, as he came out and said that he was gay)

    • Jeffster

      I'd say it's an offence to say he is as gay as twilight, yes he's gay, but as gay as twilight is a whole gayer level of gay.

  • PopcornFarts

    She's actually pretty good at photo manipulating

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