Girl loves to photoshop celebs into all her photos. Not creepy, I swear (14 Photos)

I don’t know the girl’s name, lets call her “Forever Alone Asian Girl,” but she loves to photoshop celebs into her photos and vice versa.

  • David

    I had a feeling someone would get a hold of these photos eventually

  • tagbadger

    The Japanese….one of a kind!

  • @zTranquility

    Hey folks, "foreveraloneasiangirl" here. A friend of a friend showed me this post—fucking hilarious. I've been self-taught with photoshop since I was 12. I'm still very much a novice.

    OP probably found me on reddit when I was doing photoshop requests for everyone:

    Oh and San Francisco~~ 🙂

    • Kanoe Kaluahine

      ^^^ coolest girl ever

  • Anonymous

    Who’s the author of this article?
    First what’s up with this wannabe “The Onion” Second of course you know who she is cuz you snatched these photos from FB. In any case this is hilarious! Thanks for the laughs hahaha!

  • MarkMan

    I'm not going to lie. I hugged this girl the other day.

  • john

    what movie is #9??? awsome shops like to see more

  • Roady

    Shop talent

  • HinesUS97

    Good Lord don't you see what's happening?!?! Haven't you seen "The Ring"?????

  • Jala Meladuro

    This is lame!

  • MFG

    She Is really good!

  • @CAWT

    Find her?

  • Stevie Jay

    I think she is cute… if she is that lonely, I'd take her out

  • barry o

    Id hit it

  • well...ugh..well..

    She's pretty. . In a WTH is your fetish kinda sense.

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