There’s a chill in the air, Nordic skater Kiira Korpi (21 Photos)

Two-time national Champion Kiira Korpi blew up the DAR yesterday with the above photo. I received your demands for MOAR. Enjoy the Ice Princess...

  • maddjoker


    • llano2

      Nope you are last, as I sort by rating, not date.

    • Billy Blunts

      this girl is fucking HOT

  • womp


  • jonesin86

    #6, #10, #21

    All FTW. Very Beautiful Girl!

    • andfukyamoms

      10 and 21 do not look like her.

      • Franklin1138

        Agreed. Don't bait and switch on us, Chive.

      • JDB

        They do kinda look different, but all are still gorgeous pics.

      • miles.v

        #10 is fatima moreira de melo but #21 seems to be always listed as Kiira Korpi

        • Philippe Isnard

          21 definitely not her, compare the nose….bait an switch

    • Mr. H

      and beautiful derp #14

    • qaGF

      10 and 21 are fake, they are not Kiira Korpi 🙂

  • Chris Pereira

    #12 just waiting to get shopped

    • echogeo

      Yeah, it will make photo shop history.

    • Dirty Dingus

      Is this joke going to die anytime soon? Every photo of a girl's mouth isn't begging for a dick….unlike your mom. Hey-O.

      • Bucky Jones

        While I'll agree with you..but a…isn't a your mom joke more stupid?

        • Malkintosh22

          While I'll agree with you, "more stupid"? C'monnnn!

          • dirtysteve99

            as opposed to what, stupider? Do try harder young man.

    • AssClown
      • Tim Brown

        Baahaha! Love it!

    • colombianchiver

      i did it in my mind… and feels good man

  • Holy Hell


    • Unfkngblvbl


    • Dick Salad

      Does the "robot" like a beast!

    • Sylvio Winters

      JUDO CHOP!

    • cheezebits

      Skip-scat, Skoodle-dee-doo

    • CBRian1K

      STOP!!!… Hammer Time!!

  • Mr Freeze

    Ice to see you!

    • Firefighter23

      BOO! Get off the stage!

      • Mr Freeze


  • zxcvb

    sorta looks like collette wolfe (the cute girl in observe and report)

  • Voters

    Russia? 9.5
    France? 8.5
    China? 8.5
    USA? 9.5
    Canada? 9.0

    • ben

      France would be a 3.2 just to fuck with her. BASTARDS

  • daniel


    Actual winner

    • Hippy Dan

      Seriously? It's a great picture but you guys are hypnotized by the Bewbs. It's not even the same person.
      Different nose, eyes, even teeth!

    • anon

      I think she is the one cut off on the right side of the pic

  • Tillman

    #21 She's beautiful. And any girl who can smile like that while performing a hand bra is even better.

    • Smoke-n-water


  • Htisss

    #19 She is smoking hot. But the fact that she can do that is just gravy.

    • Deltozzo

      Sorry but this is carolina kostner

    • its_forge

      And her costumer deserves some kind of award for not making us all gynecologists.

  • techno_viking

    #8 Wow…

  • SweetAwesomeness

    i just became a fan of ice skating……well, women's ice skating………and only when this girl is skating

  • Axel

    #10 #19 #21

    Unfortunately these are not photos of Kiira Korpi.

    Any case, she's gorgeous!

    • Short Bus All Stars

      yeah, I was about to say .. .definitely not the same girl in all of these haha

  • Tom

    Yea…id post #15 and #11 twice too. wowza

    • Bubba


  • Anonymous

    Who cares if your first losers?????? Get a life already

  • alexri

    #20 Thumbs up to you Miss

  • GernBlansten

    And…..I'm Finnished.

  • robo

    Very nice #21

  • Franklin1138

    You know, after all that, #13 still does it for me. 🙂 It's the braided pigtails that get me every time.

    • mik

      gotta luv a girl with head handles

  • Luistelija

    Sorry to break it to you, but # 10, # 19, and # 21 are not Kiira. Pretty sure 19 is Carolina Kostner. Don't know about the other two.

    • john

      10 = Fatima Moreira de Melo. She is a former Dutch hockey player (with Portugese roots).
      She is now on the poker tour.

    • Timo

      #10 is Fatima Moreira de Melo, a Dutch (field)hockey-international and poor singer

  • Wet_tosti

    #21 i don't need more than a handfull. Thou shall not waste!

  • ltido

    here's the video where she strip that uniform off

    • miscellaneous

      thank you for that link … she looks good in that skin tight police costume

    • asd

      ms. officer over here

  • Ben Couteret

    She's cute.

  • A-ok

    Finland FTW!

    However #10, #19, #21 aren't miss Korpi.

    • lonin

      Who is # 21 then? She seems…nice.

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