There’s a chill in the air, Nordic skater Kiira Korpi (21 Photos)

Two-time national Champion Kiira Korpi blew up the DAR yesterday with the above photo. I received your demands for MOAR. Enjoy the Ice Princess...

  • MrMav

    OMG!! This girl is about as perfect looking as a girl can get. Loving the handbra #21

    • fdhdfh

      THIS IS NOT KIIRA! Don't you ever read previous comments…?

  • GMI

    #19 is Karolina Costner

    • Anonymous

      You know how I know you’re gay? ^

  • finski

    Hello from Finland

  • finnish guy

    Thumbs up for Finland!

  • Nathan

    i love your smile, you look like you can really light up a room

  • vince

    I love you!!!!

  • Mike

    #21, id put it in her butt.

  • B dub

    #8 #10 #21 WOW she is absolutly beautiful!

  • tommy2X4

    I had a dozen cousins look like that and now a half dozen of their children look like that. The percentage goes down when they marry, "tall, dark and ugly."

  • Roady

    she's fuckin beautiful

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  • chicago

    #8 and ALL pics.. Mind-melting-cuteness. Only a select few men probably ever were lucky enough to kiss her lips.

    • Anonymous

      Have some self respect man. Don’t idolize women it makes it harder for you to bang them!

  • Dave

    AHHHHHHHHHHHH………. wow, just plain beautiful. A real look.

  • Bob

    She looks like Charlize Theron's little sister…her sexy, slutty little sister.
    #13…Dear lord, pigtails?? How fucking cute can you get??

  • @HOFsantizo

    are you fucking kidding me??……… this girl is truly a fallen angel! she is just too beautiful and perfect!

  • wkdfrog

    #21 Thank you Chive!

  • hutbed

    I still want MOAR. I will never be satisfied…

  • Jay Bell

    she has a lazy eye.

  • fapmaster

    Mmmmmm mental photoshop on #12

  • Mac

    Why do women with black hair and eye brows insist on dying their hair blonde. She looks like a stripper.

    • iMac

      Sorry to say, but that's her natural hair color.
      Maybe you would see that too if you would look less strippers and have normal social interaction with womens.
      We have no need for strippers here in Finland, so it's hard to say if she look like one.
      If she does, then your strippers are very beautiful. 😉

  • DaBoSS

    She's Beautiful,Gorgeous and every other adjective in between

  • McAnonymous

    Sorry…too perfect.

  • waltgator

    #21 please let there be a slip up gif….please

  • Anonymous

    10, 19 and 21 isnt Kiira

  • yamaneko

    Pics 19 and 21 are not from Kiira Korpi 😀
    (19 is Carolina Kostner, 21 I do not recognize)

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