These girls left freckles on my heart (30 HQ Photos)

  • >18Only

    The first few shots look like the women have been roofied.

  • piratestatic

    still fapping to #19 get back to you later with a comment!

  • ynotflyers

    My God you put Glasses and Freckles together and there's another category for the "Why We Go To War" Conversation…….Thank You

  • Jala Meladuro


  • Derek Lee Skinner

    #22 Dear god. Redhead, green eyes, freckles. It's like someone began construction on my dream girl. Now if only someone can make her local, and attracted to fat guys with bad skin and no money, I'll be set!

  • Rusty_Dreams

    I want to leave something on the freckles of #30 and both girls in #15.

  • Fapmaster

    Thank god for my vivid imagination and #15

  • tRey2k

    Chive, you have outdone yourself once again. Most of these women on here are absolutely gorgeous. I've always thought that freckles are an attractive (and rare) feature and I think it's great. It's too bad that most women try to hide them.

  • Anonymous

    Freckles connect the dots to my heart ❤

  • Mezlan Shoes

    It also helps that all of those freckle faced girls are beautiful and hot at the same time.

  • Jayprime

    Many, many girls with freckles are absolutely gorgeous!

    BUT, Number 21, not when they have bits of stray metal sticking out of their face!

  • PubicJones

    #15 Jailbait

  • Olivia Bell

    What I'd like to know is why you have posted a photograph I am the copyright holder of, without asking permission, and without paying for it.

    I am referring to Photo #15 of two girls –

    The original photograph:… – posted in JUNE 2010.

  • JoshD

    Queen Kwong

  • Jim

    More of 19. Fantastic

  • Jim

    #19 Moar

  • will

    #1 is absolutely beautiful

  • tyguy

    dear #13

    you are beautiful.


    #15 HANDS DOWN

  • vitobonespur

    #23 is magnificent…incredible eyes and lips. And of course #30, the incomparable Bar Rafaeli, is as lovely as ever.

  • Gisse

    Freckles on girls/women are cute..

  • Decipher

    I want # 23 so bad. She is so hot.

  • Dreamer

    I want #19 and #23. Hottest girls ever.

  • Fantasy

    Wow I'm in love with #23. I want to meet her tonight when I close my eyes.

  • Eric Crosby


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