Things are still bad in Athens, Greece (21 Photos)

  • Stan_Dalone

    tough to be a cop there right now.

    • Firefighter23

      Much respect to the athens police……..and of course the fire department

  • Franklin1138

    Yeah, because Molotov cocktails ALWAYS fixes a down economy. :/

  • Just saying!

    I can't understand why the police are not allowed to open fire at someone who is throwing, in need of a better word, a fire bomb towards them? One dead molotov thrower would set an example! This has been going on long enough! I know there is political problems i Greece and that people are angry but still, setting a police man in fire? Really.. The police men working is also feeling the bad economy and are just trying to do their job to support their family's in a still democratic country.. This is not like Libya and Gaddafi's private army men!

    • mike

      You're dead on…..unfortunately it's impossible to convince a mob of that. Disdain for the police is starting to infect the Occupy Wall Street people too. I truly hope that doesn't get to the point where police officers are being injured for doing their jobs.

  • Kidfiness

    2012 is coming, weather you believe it or not, the stuff that has been going on around the world does not lie. I just hope it's all a fluke like all the other predictions. Not looking so hot right now though. Well you know what they say "Life's a Bi!@# and then you die".

  • LoveGifs

    For some reason as I scrolled through the pictures, I kept thinking the trees were people thrown into the air.


    they should be fight zombies not themselves >:|

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