Bill F#cking Murray has returned! Update: SOLD OUT

bill lead1 Bill F#cking Murray has returned! Update: SOLD OUT

One of the most popular yet scarcely available shirts in America is finally available right here.

Good luck!

Also, the ‘Patty Not Fucked Up’ shirts have arrived right here and here.

UPDATE: Both Bill Murray Gray and Black and going much faster than we expected. We’d hoped they would last until the end of the day, doesn’t appear to be the case.

UPDATE #2: All Bill Fucking Murray’s SOLD OUT.

  • mikey

    finally got one

  • dustin

    boom. done.

  • andy parker

    my wife got me one last month. i'm not a huge fan of Bill (she is), but I am a big fan of all the free drinks I've gotten at the bar with that damn thing.

  • Alex Fischels

    Woo hoo! got one too!

  • Zedhere

    Happy Thursday to me and to the rest of you chivers that got one!

  • jdfish2279

    Bill is the man for sure!

  • h3yblinkin

    Got me and the wife one! Awesome!

  • chicago

    bought mine months ago !!

  • roughly

    if you can get one, get one. those things are like chiver super-magnets. i no longer have to envy my rommate.

  • GTox

    Finally, Thanks

  • winston

    has the same effect as wearing a 'keep calm' but better if you like wearing black

  • a student

    science be praised, roommates are all in class and i was responsible for getting the shirts. made me more nervous than a fucking final exam

  • JHarris

    Wait! It's only available in black and grey? I'll get mine when it's available in Awesome!

    • Huell


  • winston

    got 5, don't care

  • rlogan75

    GOT MINE!!! =^)
    my 5th chive shirt… why is so hard for everyone else?? I dont get it.. (O_o)

  • bisketz

    Bought that shit (Success kid yes pose)

  • asdfafd

    want the no duckface please t shirt too

  • crothel


  • Travis

    Finally got one!

  • Eddie
  • Push

    Set an alarm for tomorrow as a reminder. Luckily I'm an advid chiver and still got it…bill fucking murray

  • pleas

    it will be mine… and fuck all those people on ebay selling keep calm and carry on…….

  • Blindsided5

    It does not cost $9 to ship one tshirt Chive.

    • Tuff Guy

      They only charged me $6

      • Blindsided5

        You must be closer to California than I am.

        • Tuff Guy


    • Kyle McClung

      Mine was $9 too(Florida). Still ridiculous

  • Ta2d_Kate

    Mischief managed, Bill Fucking Murray ordered!!!!

  • kenny powers

    boom done, wait….. has someone already said that? i dont wanna cross streams.

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