Bill F#cking Murray has returned! Update: SOLD OUT

bill lead1 Bill F#cking Murray has returned! Update: SOLD OUT

One of the most popular yet scarcely available shirts in America is finally available right here.

Good luck!

Also, the ‘Patty Not Fucked Up’ shirts have arrived right here and here.

UPDATE: Both Bill Murray Gray and Black and going much faster than we expected. We’d hoped they would last until the end of the day, doesn’t appear to be the case.

UPDATE #2: All Bill Fucking Murray’s SOLD OUT.

  • Bob

    I got mine last week and it didn't have the authentic "Chives Tees" stamped near the collar. That sucks!

  • Jay

    I'd like to suggest that the Chive staff limit the order sizes to (2) per person. It is un-fuckin-believeable that some dicks on here buy 500 just to slang them on ebay and make a quick buck…same reason ticketmaster limits order sizes…someone always has to wreck it for everyone….o.0

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