Burn your bra Thursday (34 photos)

Do you have two nipples and zero bras? Please send tasteful photo to thechivesubmit[at]gmail[dot]com or use our photo upload page HERE and label it ‘Burn Bra’. Please no see through shirts or wife beaters.

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  • Dan

    Is this the best "Burn It" post ever, or what?!!?!?!

  • Anonymous

    There should have this every evening instead of DAR! Lol

  • John

    For some reason I think its getting colder out.

  • Tyler Durden

    #19 and #23 are my favorites!

  • Anonymous

    28 we need more pictures of you

  • Anonymous

    Please more #31!!

  • Anonymous

    16 is amazing. Anyone know who she is?

  • Marcis

    #16 MOAR and Marry Me!

  • lex

    #13 looks shopped

  • Anonymous

    Love the Namibian girl !!
    I’m from South Africa , and i can say proudly we have the hottest girls , LOL

    Fanny Hooters

  • gloucester

    Number #8: Way to go! nice 8 pack!

  • Christiaan

    Who’s the Namibian girl? I’m from Namibia… didn’t know there are Chivers like that here! 😀

    • Hubby

      Lets just call her "NAMGIRL"

  • Anonymous

    who on gods green earth is 16

  • Anonymous

    Y no brad actually being burned 😦

  • hadriks

    who is 32?

  • Anonymous

    # 16: please post again

  • Stompie

    Wie is dit?

    • Hubby

      my vrou, nie sleg nie ne

      we will call her #3 from Nam

  • Countrykilla20

    I agree # 16

  • Bustanut

    #12 is special. I can go to sleep now.

  • hunterpo9

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  • ace

    Pretty nice but not the best so far

  • zach

    #31 nipple slip

  • Anonymous

    #16 is a model that goes by the name “Planet Mandy”

  • soda pop

    My god….find #9!

  • Alexgm

    Nice funbags!

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