Identity crisis, DSM edition (24 Pictures)

  • Muadieb

    My first car looked identical to #18
    I do miss her at times…

  • deleted6364704

    #24 the girl is hot the car is not my taste in vehicles so hard to say what it is like but #23 looks n ice

    • tapsnapornap

      so….same car but Red?

  • miscellaneous

    I had a '92 … bought it off one of my customers (I'm a mechanic) for $250 , the brakes were shot at it leaked oil badly.
    Fixed the brakes and leaks and drove it for 50k mi., sold it for $800
    was a good little car ….. I miss it

    • Roady

      curious to know how much you spent on the brkes and leaks?

  • ass_kicker

    no picture of the fast and the furious 1???

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