• Kliphy

    No fair! The robot SAW him mix it up!

  • Da Sandman

    pretty cool, but does it have a dvd player??

  • MC Hammer

    I for one welcome our Lego robot overlords….

  • Roady


  • Spencer_on_Fire

    No matter how it's done, still pretty damn impressive.

  • Doesitmatter

    definitly cool…..but it still took a HUMAN brain to build, develope, and program it to do that….so you see, we're not complete idiots afterall. There are still a few braniacs out there.

  • Riley Smith


  • Lop

    Cool but he will never be able to feel love :´(

  • Cliff

    Where is your god now? …. kidding 🙂

  • John A. Musumeci

    we need to give the US economy to this robot

  • Mike


  • Smoosh

    I want to see how to build this project. Any chance of getting build instructions?

  • APBTFan

    My robot peels the stickers then replaces them "solved" in four seconds.

  • Barry Mcokiner

    My robot/cook knew I would "paint the rim" if I ate the left over pasta, so he/her/it decided not to cook/heat up/nuke and decided this over a period of commercials while watching CSI-Miami so like 4 minutes.

  • dragon30

    lego robots are going to take over the world fuck skynet

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