Mother refuses cancer treatment to save her daughter (9 Photos)

This is the story of Stacie Crimm, a brave woman from Oklahoma who made the ultimate sacrifice to save her unborn daughter.

The 41 year-old mother-to-be began having severe headaches a few months after she found out she was pregnant. A CT scan would reveal Stacie had head and neck cancer. Stacie was faced with the toughest choice of her life, undergo potentially life-saving chemotherapy and hope the baby wouldn't be affected by the invasive treatment, or forgo treatment to let the child grow without the brutal chemo assault, a choice that would end in Stacie's own death.

According to Stacie's brother, Ray, "It didn't take long for (Stacie) to make her decision." She decided against the chemo. A couple months later Stacie collapsed in her home and was rushed to the hospital. The invasive tumor had wrapped itself around Stacie's brain stem. She didn't have long and the baby's heart rate was dropping as well.

Doctors decided to deliver the 2 pound, 1 ounce Dottie May by cesarean section. After the birth, Stacie fell unconscious and was unable to even sign her daughter's birth certificate. Custody of Dottie was given to Stacie's brother, Ray. Doctors feared Stacie would not regain consciousness but on September 8th, Stacie woke up just long enough to hold her daughter one last time.

Three days later, Stacie passed away. What an unbelievably brave woman. Last week, Stacie's brother brought a healthy 5 lb. Dottie home to live with his wife and Dottie's four brand new siblings.

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  • Hammyscrammy

    Stacie, Chivette of the year.
    Brave woman.

  • Timmah

    That's remarkable! A great story!

  • Charlie

    Despite the ethical beliefs you have, it takes a remarkably strong person to act like this. She should be held as a standard of what “remarkable” is.

  • tears

    wow…words can't describe. Have one lil one and another one on the way. RIP mom and freaking props to the bother for stepping up.

  • karen

    I would do the same thing. May she rest in peace.

  • brandon_cg

    definitely cried after this one. there's no love like the one a mother has for her baby. it's nature.

  • Anonymous

    What an amazingly strong woman stacked is…I would have done the same thing to be able to give my child life…may u rest in peace ..

  • Pueblo

    Stacie Crimm made the absolute bravest choice a Mom could make in her spot. It's good so many folks are able to hear her story.

  • Alan T

    Oh yeah right, for sure there's a god… RIP Stacie.

  • Bill


  • Dewey Cheetum & Howe

    A choice that was more than likely both easy and difficult. I admire her bravery and hope to God that i never have to make the same choice.

  • Picasso

    If everyone had a fraction of that woman's selflessness, we would not have war.

  • Jessica

    I agree with these comments! Easiest and hardest decision to make ever! I couldn’t imagine having to be faced with knowing I’ll never see my baby. But knowing that she would live would help ease that. That brother looks so proud. Just like a new daddy! Many wouldn’t have done the same!

  • shakespeare

    RIP stacey and chive on little dottie your mom made a very courageous decision giving her life that her daughter may live, would leave a poet with very few words to even describe such courage and selflessness towards her daugher.

  • fuzz

    RIP chive on forever

  • Beto Mendes

    I have no words to commend her enough on this sacrifice. I'm sure God has her in the best of places now. Rest in Peace, Wonderful Mother. This is True Love.

  • Kate Miller-Fontaine

    What a beautiful/sad story. Mother's will do anything for their child.

  • Yelito

    I'm a man and not afraid to say I shed a few tears…

  • Anonymous

    Shit happens, get over it.

    • Rick

      Anonymous says get over it,grow a pair and put ur name and e mail pussy,its people like u who ruin everything good in this world. Again F#ck you anonymous! !!

  • Da Sandman

    courageous indeed… im glad she got to see her baby before she died…

  • bigdaddyrodeo

    a true mom

  • chris

    There are great people in this messed up world and stacie is one of them. She made the ultimate sacrafice for her child. God Bless you stacie.

  • chris

    There are great people in this messed up world and stacie is one of them. She made the ultimate sacrifice for her child. God Bless you stacie.

  • SweetAss

    *wiping tears from eyes* From a fellow Okie…the ultimate sacrifice made by a mother! What a wonderful gift to her daughter – life!

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