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New Electric DeLorean coming soon! (24 HQ photos)

That's right, DMC is in production of their classic reborn, electric, DMC-12 in Humble, Texas. The Electric DeLorean will have a surprisingly weak top speed of 125 mph with 250 Horespower. Early reports say it will probably be able to time travel.


  • ChodeLauncher

    Someone finally found the answer to the question: "What do we do with all these half-finished underpowered wedges that nobody wanted?"

  • jrey81

    #2 kinda cool that the gear shirt is circular… kinda weak that it only hits 125…. but then again you only need 88mph to hit the time jump threshold… pretty cool

  • jjj

    they forgot to update that old ass interior

  • really


  • felix43

    125mph is not slow for a delorean considering the fastest the old one could go was 88mph (though it did leave wicked awesome flaming skid-marks)

  • Le Andre Raymundo Gandy

    does anyone see that the doors open automatically see the buttons under the circular gear shift

  • atwarwithluck

    Beyond lame

  • P90

    Great, a terrible car made worse.

  • Jp

    Are you telling me, you made a time machine………..out of a DeLorean? That’s heavy.

  • Jonathan Gustafsson

    why can't it's topspeed be 88mph?

  • L33

    Not a good idea in this economy, but hey the rich get what they want .

  • Mito

    #21 Here you see the pack of DeLoreans ready to attack its prey. The savagery is amazing.

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  • DMarshall

    I hope it has a one point twenty one jigawatt engine!

  • thetech2

    the original dmc was in new brunswick ,in Canada they had a wicked test track I think it still used today ,stainless bady was a good idea but so was a plastic saturn

  • Jeska

    Way to go TEXAS!

  • Roady

    Ok wait and see what happens

  • Kevin O'Connell

    Yes please

  • woogie

    Is this legit? Where can you buy these? I have a boner!

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  • piese auto

    i want something like this 🙂

  • Guest

    Please tell me there is a Garbage collector at the back to generate the electricity. Then for their next trick it will fly.

  • sowhat

    reet good wot about a cup a tea and a chocy biscuit

  • chewy

    Why not Mr fusion? Weak… Hopefully its body isn't made of stainless steal this time.



    I WANT ONE !

    J'EN VEUX UN !

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