• Navy Beat Army!

    LOVE IT!

  • Roady

    former Blus Angel Pilots? sweet

  • Franklin1138

    Okay, I'll talk some smack.

    The Navy is great, but as we learned on D-Day, you can pound the shit out of installations with shells, rockets and bombs, but ultimately it ALWAYS comes down to a guy pulling the trigger on a rifle, and Marines notwithstanding, the Army does that better than the Navy. The Army is centered around combat arms, while I maintain that the Navy is not.

    I used to date a girl whose dad had been a sailor during Vietnam, and we always had a friendly rivalry about it. He would make fun of me for being in the Army, and my best comeback was when I said, "I know you Navy guys sew a name tape over the hip pocket of your trousers, right? Is that so the Marine knows your name when he bends you over?"

    • No You

      as a former Marine myself and the taker of many salior's butthole virginities, I agree with Frankilin.

    • Stan_Dalone

      as it is proved war after war the ground forces always have to finish the job

  • USMC8654Justice

    yeah the ground troops get the war started and in almost all cases finish the wars. i dont know a grunt or super grunt (i.e. spec ops or SF) that doesnt thank God for that guy in the sky that rains down the pain when the ground troop is in a bind. and a funny thought i always had is that the Navy has THE BEST pilots in the military and some could say the best planes.

    • Stan_Dalone

      takes a lot of talent and precision to land a plane at 120+ onto a pitching deck trying to grab the number 3 wire which stops you in less than 50 yards. All of the U.S. pilots I have the utmost respect for. just it takes extra effort after a long flight to land in a pitch black rainy night

  • Rabbit


  • navymid

    GO NAVY!!

  • ocs_regular


  • jackfromcanada


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