User submit, you gotta read the story on this photo: this is war

It’s a British artilleryman in Salonika, 1915.  
As you can see, he’s just pulled the lanyard to fire his gun (the gun is in full recoil and the lanyard is blurred because it’s still whipping),
and at the exact same moment he’s been shot by a sniper…
you can see the puff of dust on the guy’s back as the bullet exits.  
Of course this means the sniper knew what he was doing.
He waited until the cannon was fired to shoot the guy,
since the boom would mask the crack of his shot.  Pretty crazy.
Thanks Tom for sending this in.

  • Scotsman

    that's scary brilliant.

  • Franklin1138

    And of course the rest of the gun crew hasn't yet realized that their gunner's been zipped…

  • Roady

    What were the chances of taking this photo and get that perfect timing? 1 in a billion?

  • Hunter

    This is an amazing photo but I'm a bit confused. In the caption it says that you can see a puff of dust coming off his back as the bullet exits, that would mean that the bullet came relatively from the left side of the picture, moving toward the right. What I don't understand is that there are 4 far more exposed targets on the left side of the picture, that seeming to me, the sniper would have shoot through to get a clear path for his bullet to hit the gunner pulling the lanyard. I just feel like the gunner was the least exposed target, unless the sniper was shooting from the right to left in the photograph. Then possibly the dust cloud was caused by movement on the dusty uniform because of an entrance wound going in his lower back right side. And even still, I feel like the guy in far left up front on the line would be a way more likely target. Possibly the sniper was just aiming for the cluster of men and managed to hit the gunner pulling the lanyard by chance. Anyway, amazing picture but just something I noticed, anyone have any other thoughts?

    • Franklin1138

      Actually, you could be right. I sent the photo in, so that was my comment that Rick posted. I'm not a forensics guy, so I assumed based on the way he's leaning forward slightly that the shot came from in front of him (so the shooter was on the left, aiming to the right). It makes sense to me that he'd shoot the gunner because, aside from the guy on the far left, the other three don't seem to be paying attention to the gunner, so turning and seeing him laying in a pool of blood would just add to their confusion and delay their ability to react to the sniper.

      Just my 2-cents.

      • SupGois

        Great shot for that era too, nice find

    • kire

      I would say front to back, his helmet tips forwards,but how could you really tell?? In the area below his arm you can see where it looks to be an opening in the blast shield. The smoke from the cannon round??

      • Stan_Dalone

        agreed plus he would shoot the guy pulling the lanyard as he is firing the gun. Which would be the man to kill and as the others were in shock over their man getting killed it would be easy to pick them off

  • lavak

    Or, he simply lost his footing and is attempting to regain his balance.

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