Why you shouldn’t pass out in your friend’s garage (8 Photos)

  • Mrs_Conejo

    here is a shitty question.

    Has this been done to someone who is 'passed out' and they were actually dead??

    • Dammit Jim.

      my guess would be…YES. It's a huge big-ol-sick world out there…

  • You know this

    #8 needs to be shopped

  • insonh


  • B-Lust

    NEVER fall asleep with your shoes on.

  • dave

    why you shouldnt call them your "friends"

  • Mossy

    Anyone else notice he fell asleep with a fatty chew in?

  • Coldzilla

    #3 The rainbow socks LOL

  • D-Rex

    That is so hilarious!!

  • Commando00

    I don't see how anyone could "sleep" through that even if they are passed out…..Fake??

  • Anonymous

    Ha! Ive

  • Anonymous

    Iv done this to a few of my friends back then, when you pass out you hardly move.

  • Anton


  • Its420somewhere

    What a bunch of dumb fucks.

  • Trav

    haha hes sleeping with a huge dip in his mouth how does that even happen…

  • Anonymous

    I want after pictures

  • Jessie

    Maybe you shouldn't have dick friends, hmmm?

  • Anonymous

    This is seriously me! I got hit by a car On my longboard like half hour before this. Knocked out came in to drink more passed out. Awoke in a mountain of debris. Shit was awesome lol only a slight concussion no big deal. Thanks guys for lettin me pass out after lol. Best keg party ever. Pilsner will do that to ya.

  • mojo420jojo

    Did anyone else notice the awesomeness of #7…. and by that I mean the fear and loathing in las vegas poster….

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  • drpetdetective

    not fake and the original is on reddit

  • Anonymous

    I love that I know this is Stefan!!

  • bow chika waa wa

    thou shall not pass…out in dude's garage

  • shimshamblam

    not fake. this is me. keg of pilsner pwnd me. also half hour before this i got hit by a car on my longboard and knocked out, came back to party, didnt last long and i passed the fuck out lol. no one thought to not let me sleep after a head injury lol. anyways i woke up like an hour later buried under a mountain of shit. it weighed about a million pounds and the table on my head made my neck hurt, lol. partied for about 20 mins after i woke up then went and passed out on the floor upstairs where i thought it was more safe. probably the hardest ive ever got pwnd while passed out lol. thank god for pics haha and the rainbow socks make it priceless

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