Yoga Pants’ sexy cousin, Volleyball Shorts (22 Photos)

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  • Japan

    Whoa those are some sexy asses

  • http://Thechive Bnubs

    I heart volleyball shorts…. Thanks chive, need more!!

  • Japan

    Post more pics like this!!!!! LOVE IT

  • Anonymous

    #3 you made me take it out on my wife!

  • Anonymous

    I love you chive.

  • Anonymous

    Wow nice thick asses and tight pussy on them bitches

  • Anonymous

    Agree but you don’t have to say all that!

  • beeneverywhere

    Now this is a sport I like to watch! Even refund. #3 is the winner of the much coveted best pudendum award. I think #12's full name is Klinkenbonerslapper. Honest.

  • EmAychCay

    Tall, tight and red? There is a God!!!

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  • kdale2

    #2 please

  • Girish Bhaskaran


    Will take that girl over anyone I've ever seen.

  • Quasi


    Kardashians Japanese cousin?

  • mrkerrdontplay

    #5 is my favorite team in the history of organized athletics

  • Kalouda

    you can see what she had for lunch!

  • Jack

    Hot as hell

  • lebelge

    #22 #20 are both kids, so for you sick guys stick with girls like #19 and #21 they'll keep you out of jail!

  • Anonymous

    Boner time to jerk off

  • Crusty Buzzard

    #5 Quick!! Someone tell me where this school is! Gawd, I hope they are high school girls!!!

  • Idontunderstand

    #22 , Omg, I love Volleyball.

  • Nicholas_Club

    #3 bounce a quarter off the butt

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