Yoga Pants’ sexy cousin, Volleyball Shorts (22 Photos)

  • Handy

    #19 gad zooks

    • Dr. Hfuhruhurr

      Well played sir, the world just doesn't get enough gadzooks these days

  • Kyle

    #20 Add to Cart

  • misschris

    #5 Yes, I would like to "play" with this team. And not necessarily volleyball either 😉

  • Kodos

    guy on the right is praising Jesus LORD!!!

  • bird

    Took me a minute to figure out what was going on in #11

    • yeah

      You might want to get tested for mental retardation.

    • livewire

      just holding the door open.

  • SingingChiver

    Hey Chive-hes and Chive-hers – write this song for ya'll today
    (hummed to the tune of Edwin's "Alive")

    Ain't it good to have The Chive,
    Set my eyes upon some buns,
    On this big wide web in the info highway,
    A little piece of ass for everyone

    Ain't it good to have The Chive
    Ain't it fun to be a Chive
    The Chive!
    The Chive!

    And it goes on and on…….

    PS – #13 reminds me of Edwin on stage.

  • drksdr

    Mother of God.


    • ron

      You can see that she's wearing regular old "granny panties" on under there.

      The Americans? Either a thong or nothing. Hell yeah.

  • Anonymous

    #5 should be the new standard for college volleyball “shorts”

  • Bob

    Make this a weekly feature!!!!

  • ClevelandGlen

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    • JohnnycumChive

      No shit eh? Your mom must be HAWT – Pics or GTFO!

      And how has she actually been "fired" for so long? Like fired as in high? or fired as in she's been ready to mate with someone like me for almost a year? Either way – you scored with her man!

    • JohnnycumChive

      I meant your classmates mom – but yours is probably hot too.

  • Christopher Sipma

    what school is that?

  • Skedaddle

    BETTER than yoga pants. Definitely.

  • Kyle White

    I think I may have to transfer colleges…

    Find all of them in #5 (except the two dudes, of course)
    Good lord…

  • B dub

    these girls r def doin it right! tight + fit = YUM!

  • Brian


    It's not the shorts, but what's filling them out.

  • Dax

    #19 I bet it giggles just a little bit when you smack it….just a little though.

  • Bmmw

    Thats gonna be trouble this afternoon… #3 #5 #11 #19

  • monkey

    #22 that is why i play volleyball.

  • Anonymous

    Gunna have to say they r 50,000 times better than yoga pants.

  • ProfessaLes

    #3 TheChive, God bless you for this!

  • $ęMãJ

    God love em ! =P

  • Alex Clarke

    MOAR #13 MOAR!

  • Scott

    This should be an everyday thing


    Buttweiser! Doesn't get better than this.

  • ngz

    i love how the chive hates black people! ❤

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